Fly & Drive Galicia
11 de December 2013

Parador Santiago de Compostela (facing Santiago's Cathedral)

Galicia is one of Spain's greenest and most pleasant lands. Though best known for its world-famous pilgrimage site, the UNESCO-listed Santiago de Compostela - the resting place of St. James - it offers much more off the beaten track, including Roman and Celtic ruins aplenty, a wonderful mixture of rural and urban landscapes, unspoilt Atlantic islands, mouth-watering cuisine (headed by sumptuous Pulpo á Feira octopus and empanada pastries) and more kilometres of coastline than any other region in mainland Spain. Discover it to the max with Paradores!

Parador Cambados

The Rias Baixas - riverscapes to remember

Not for nothing is Galicia known as the land of 1000 rivers. The Rias Baixas are a set of extraordinarily beautiful river valleys forming the major veins across the beating heart of Galicia's coast, all the way from Vigo - Spain's biggest fishing port - to Baiona and Cape Finisterre, the Spanish equivalent of Land's End. Admire fjord-like scenery that would not be amiss in Scandinavia, topped off with a host of Blue Flag beaches by both river and sea.

Parador Cambados is an ideal starting point for browsing the Rias Baixas, being located right on the seafront in a charming little medieval village along the Ria de Arousa. Occupying a typical Galician pazo, or manor house, dating to the 17th century, this delightful luxury hotel is perfect for chilling in the sea breeze and relaxing by the pool, Galician weather permitting.

Parador Pontevedra

Pontevedra - historic sights ahoy!

Named after the Roman bridge across the River Lérez, Pontevedra positively oozes historic charm, offering visitors an authentic look at Galician life across the ages. Duck and dive into the pedestrian streets of the old town, make a pilgrimage to the chapel in the Praza da Peregrina and enjoy strolling along the charming Alameda, which stretches along the waterfront.

Treat yourself to a stay in a 16th-century palace building that formerly housed the Counts of Maceda at Parador Pontevedra, situated right in the city centre. Pretty gardens, a handsome stone staircase and antique décor are just some of the features that await.

Your gateway Tui Portugal

The lovely town of Tui unfurls along yet another river, the Minho, just a stone's throw from the bridge across to Portugal, where the fascinating walled town of Valença do Minho is a must-visit. Parador Tui is a bucolic paradise offering a perfect vantage point to admire and discover Tui's stunning cathedral, as well as featuring a swimming pool, tennis courts and a wonderful restaurant where you can sample the finest Galician seafood and a fantastic wine list headed by local Albariño varieties.

Rest your head at the three Paradores above or one of our other Galician hotels and enjoy the ideal base for getting under the skin of this enchanting region. From cities such as Santiago, Lugo, A Coruña and Pontevedra to the Atlantic archipelagos of Cíes, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada and scenery like the jaw-dropping Cañon do Sil canyon, the attractions are endless!