Charming White Villages in the surroundings of the Parador de Ronda
06 de July 2016

Who wouldn't dream about visiting the typical charming white villages in Spain? Houses one on top of each other, red ceilings, nature and colorful flowers, is just beautiful. Come visit Andalusia and explore the many stunning white villages nearby the Parador de Ronda. Get to know the history, culture, nature and lifestyle of this villages in southern Spain and of course, don´t forget to try their delicious gastronomic products.


  • Ronda

We will start with Ronda, one of the most beautiful and authentic cities in Andalusia. The stunning Parador de Ronda located in a truly unique spot right next the New Bridge and with breathtaking views is the perfect spot from where to visit this magic city with narrow stoned streets and surrounded by nature, definitely a must-visit. The best way to get to know Ronda is by walking through the streets and exploring the many sights like the bullring, the museums, gardens and squares. One of the best times to explore Ronda is during the holy week which in Spain is usually at the end of March, when Ronda is full of live and activities.


 Parador de Ronda


  • Setenil de las Bodegas

17km away from the Parador de Ronda there is Setenil de las Bodegas is another charming White village in the province of Cádiz with a special twist, many of the houses are built under a jutting huge rock. In here you will have the chance to walk under the sun in the Calle de las cuevas del Sol (sun street) or under the shade in the Calle de la cuevas de la Sombra (shade street) and visit the Castle and many other sights built among the rocks. 


Parador de Ronda


  • Olvera

An impressive Castle and a church are the two things that will probably amaze you the most in Olvera, another charming village in Cádiz. 50km away from the Parador de Parador de Ronda, you will know that you are close to Olvera when you start to see a lot of white houses and the towers of the church in a mountain. The best time to visit this village is in spring, when you will find a beautiful yellow landscape filled with sunflowers.


Parador de Ronda 


  • Zahara de La Sierra

35km away from the Parador de Ronda, in the Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalena and right next to the reservoir of Zahara-El Gastor you will find Zahara de la Sierra, an incredibly beautiful and original village in Andalusia declared historical and artistic set.  During the day, the many white houses and viewpoints from which you can see the village from the top and the reservoir will amaze you, and during the night, taking a look at Zahara de La Sierra lightened up will make you fall in love with this village.


Parador de Ronda 


As beautiful as Ronda is, it is totally worth it to visit Setenil de las Bodegas, Olvera, Zahara de la Sierra and many other charming and interesting villages in the province of Cádiz in Andalusia. Get to know the area and fall in love with the peace, calm, live and gastronomy of the white villages in southern Spain.


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