Sangria, Tinto de Verano and Rebujito... What's Your Favourite Tipple?
03 de February 2015

It's no secret that Spain is a land of exquisite alcoholic beverages, from its exceptional Rioja, Duero, and Ribera wines, to its fantastic sherries and delectable spirits like aguardiente, patxarán and classic anís. Are you as familiar, however, with its more casual, and popular tipples?

As a public service, Paradores' luxury and historic hotels provides this handy overview of the three iconic refreshments you're most likely to encounter during your upcoming holiday in Spain: traditional sangria, delicious tinto de verano, and the ever-enthralling rebujito.


¡Camarero, una Sangria!

Sangria is probably Spain's most internationally famous beverage, a sweet ambrosia made of red wine, chopped fruit -which can include anything from citrus fruits like slices of orange and lemon, to apple, peach, grapes and mango-, a bit of sugar, a dash of brandy and, increasingly, a bit of seltzer or citrus-flavoured soft drink. Many also add spices or a sprig of cinnamon for an additional kick. Give classic sangria a try at central Spain's Parador de Alcalá de Henares, where it is most often consumed during the summer months.


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Parador Alcalá de HenaresEnjoy a refreshing sangria at Parador Alcalá de Henares


Similar to sangria, tinto de verano -or summer red wine- is precisely what its name implies: a chilled red wine mixed with soda water or citrus soft drinks in order to avoid red wine'sheavier aspects when the sun is at its most intense. Less commercial than sangria, tinto de verano is what "the locals" really drink at summer festivals or dive bars thanks to its relatively low cost. You can enjoy it anywhere in Spain, although it is especially ideal for an August evening at Parador Córdoba, for example.


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Parador CórdobaParador Córdoba's terrace is the perfect spot to try a tinto de verano


An Andalusian staple

Rebujito, meanwhile, is an iconic Andalusian drink. Referred to as a "sherry cobbler" in the 19th century, this cocktail mixed sherry (usually manzanilla) with soda water or a citrus soft drink, and is sometimes served with a sprig of spearmint. Rebujito is the beverage most consumed during the Feria de Abril in Seville and the Carnaval in Cádiz; Parador Carmona and Parador Cádiz are especially ideal locations for enjoy this tasty tipple.


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Parador CádizRelax by the pool at Parador Cádiz


Whatever your beverage choice, Paradores reminds all visitors to drink responsibly. Sangria, tinto de verano and rebujitos are mixed drinks where the alcohol percentage can vary wildly, so make sure to enjoy these beverages slowly and in moderation.


Eager to try them out? Contact Paradores Alcalá de Henares, Córdoba, Carmona and Cádiz to enjoy a sip of these delectable tipples!