Routes around the Parador de Oropesa
12 de May 2016

What do you think about sleeping in the castle that used to be the home of the counts of Oropesa? In Paradores Luxury Hotels, we make this possible for you. The Parador de Oropesa dates back to 1930 when it was converted from the house of the counts of Oropesa, into the great and luxurious hotel that is today.

Oropesa is a medieval village in the region of Toledo. It is located between the Sierra de Gredos and the Tajo River. The location and the natural environment of this village allow locals and visitors to enjoy beautiful landscapes, streets filled with history and culture and to take many tours that are nearby to our Parador de Oropesa, such as the Embroidery tour or the Ceramic Tour


Embroidery Tour           

Only 3km away from our Parador de Oropesa, in the village of Lagartera, you will find the Museum Marcial Moreno Pascual which exhibits not only some beautiful jobs of embroidery, including the typical costume of the village, but also paintings and ceramic works.

The embroidery of Lagartera is well recognized in our country and it´s all because the majority of the jobs from there are embroidered by hand. When visiting Lagartera, you can´t miss the many embroidery familiar shops in which you´ll find all the kinds of fancywork you can imagine.

The easiest way to get from our Parador de Oropesa to Lagartera is by taking a short drive through the Camino de Oropesa which will take you from point A to point B in less than 10 minutes.


Parador de Oropesa


Ceramic Tour

Within the province of Toledo, you will find the city of Ceramic, Talavera de la Reina. Located only 35km and 30 minutes away from our Parador de Oropesa through the road A-5, the ceramic route in this marvelous Castilian village includes various visits around the city. Walking through the Basilic or Nuestra Señora del Prado, the bridges of the lake, the ceramic Museum Ruiz de Luna and the Alfar de Cerámica are some of the spots you have to visit to admire the pottery from Talavera de la Reina. 

The ceramic museum Ruiz de Luna, exhibits a ceramic collection dated between the XVI and XX centuries. Series of ferns and swallows, polychrome series and ceramic from the golden age, are just of the collections that you will find at the ceramic Museum


 Parador de Oropesa


Tour of the Tiétar Valley

Now we are moving to Ávila, where you will find the Tiétar Valley, the warmest area in the province of Ávila. The valley is protected from the cold by the Sierra de Gredos, therefore is the perfect option if you are looking for a natural getaway all year long. The flowering cherries during March and April, the snowy peaks of the Sierra and the greens of the vegetation are the reason for the beautiful color contrast that you will admire at the valley.

Part of the beauty of the Valley of Tiétar is due to the small picturesque villages that are housed in the Valley. Poyales del Hoyo, Lanzahíta and Candeleda are just some of the spots you should visit to appreciate the stone streets, cozy balconies and great gastronomic local products and enjoy great views of the valley.

All these three villages are located approximately 60km away from our Parador de Oropesa so they are a great option to go on a day-trip and explore nature and culture.

It takes approximately 50 minutes driving from the Parador de Oropesa to Tiétar Valley through the roads A-5 and the CM-5100.


Parador de Oropesa


Tour of La Vera

Taking the tour of La Vera can be an amazing experience. Starting with the village of Garganta La olla and going through many other villages such as Cuacos de Yuste, Jarandilla and Guijo de Santa Barbara, may be the perfect tour through the region of La Vera.

Throughout this route, feel free to explore and make as many stops as you desire to see the church, the main square and the doll house in Garganta La Olla, the Monastery of Yuste nearby Cuacos de Yuste and the stunning views from Guijo de Santa Barbara.

When you are done, head back to our Parador de Oropesa, which is approximately 1 hour away from the stops of the route. Here you can discover the medieval town of Oropesa and enjoy the facilities of our Luxurious Hotel.


Parador de Oropesa


Have you started planning your tour already? What are you waiting for?

Come to our Parador de Oropesa and get ready to do some serious road-trips and explore our beautiful country, Spain!


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