A Renaissance Getaway At Parador Jaén
09 de December 2013

This summer, enjoy a romantic getaway at the spectacular Spanish luxury hotel Parador Jaén. There is a special offer that includes one night at this splendid castle and complimentary tickets to visit the Cathedral of Jaén.

Your stay will include a special gift and a delicious lunch or dinner gourmet menu.

Parador Jaen

Parador Jaen

This spectacular luxury hotel is an 18th century Arab fortress on the Cerro de Santa Catalina. It offers amazing views out over Jaén and the surrounding mountains.

From the balconies in the bedrooms, guests can enjoy a 180 degree view of the surrounding plains, of the Sierra Morena hills,  the Gualdaquivir River, and the far off mountains of Sierra Nevada.

Take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, or admire the detailed stonework. This lavish Parador will most certainly enchant you, taking you back to Renaissance times in Andalusia.

The Parador's restaurant, located in an enormous Renaissance dining hall, offers you the chance to sample some of the local specialties. Some of the local dishes include: a typical mixed vegetable salad of the region, a cold garlic soup, black pudding cooked in a pot and partridge salad. International cuisine is also served in this renowned restaurant.

The fabulous gourmet menu included with your stay has been named the "Cathedral Menu".

The Cathedral Menu includes a "Mosaic of Renaissance Cultures": apple, pepper, goat cheese, sweet tomato and sesame pie. You can also try the "Plateresque Inspired Dish", which is retrochoir of hake with mashed potatoes marinière and mozarab sauce.

The "Baroque Retable" includes Ibérico pork tenderloin with an herb crust, dried apricots and duck broth.

And you can finish off that amazing meal with the "Sweet Monstrance Dessert" of caramel custard, chocolate mousse and orange soup.

The Cathedral of Jaen

This special offer also includes complimentary tickets to visit the Cathedral of Jaén.

Construction of this spectacular cathedral began in 1249. Interestingly, it was built over the ruins of an ancient mosque.

The structure was damaged and rebuilt on many occasions over the next two centuries. Finally in the sixteenth century, several architects—chief among them Andrés de Vandelvira—built the largest part of the cathedral.

The Cathedral of Jaén was consecrated in 1724.  This wonder of art and architecture aspires to be named a World Heritage Sight by UNESCO.

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