Relax at the Parador de La Seu D'Urgell
02 de March 2016

In the north of Lérida, up in the Catalan Pyrenees, there is a city called La Seu D'Urgell (Seo de Urgel). It is the capital city of the Alto Urgel region and it is a beautiful place to be visited. Our Parador de La Seu D'Urgell is located there for you to stay and for you to make the best of your touristic visit to this city.

Parador de La Seu D'Urgell

Parador de La Seu D'Urgell

La Seu D'Urgell is an old city with an important historic past and one of the most important cities of the region. In fact, it is the most populated one. The city is located in the watershed of the Segre River and the Valira River. With the Pyrenees in the back, the scenery around the village enhances the beauty of it.

Walking around its tiny and narrow streets is the way of discovering the city. You will come across the most emblematic building of the city: The Cathedral of Santa María de Urgel. It was built back in the XII century after a long process of construction. This religious temple is considered an authentic jewel of the Catalan Romanesque style. You cannot miss its majestic and outstanding cloister where you will be amazed by the perfection of its architecture with beautiful half pointed arches and a unique Romanesque style. It's just delightful! The entrance fee is 3€ and children can enter for free (*)

Apart from the Cathedral, there are also some other important buildings that deserve to be visited. Some examples are the Santo Domingo Gothic church, the Romanesque church of San Miguel, a building that is dated back in the XI century, or the Casa de La Ciudad, which is hosting the Town Hall of the city.

Coming to La Seu D'Urgell means visiting the Catalan Pyrenees and its surroundings too. It is the perfect destination to discover all the charming natural spaces that compose all the area around this mountain range. La Seu D'Urgell is one of those unique charming villages and regions around where nature, the history of the Middle Ages and beautiful ancient buildings meet.

Parador de La Seu D'Urgell

Parador de La Seu D'Urgell

Our Parador de La Seu D'Urgell is placed in what was a dormer Renaissance cloister from the XIV century. This historic building keeps its essence in combination with a modern decoration you will love. The hotel is located right in the historic centre of the city, which will allow you be connected to everything inside this beautiful peaceful historic city in the middle of pure nature.

Ideal accommodations to relax, the best and most comfortable facilities you could think of to enjoy, a lovely cloister to disconnect and the tastiest cuisine of the region to delight in at the Parador de La Seu D'Urgell. What are you waiting for?

Book now at this marvellous hotel and enjoy a perfect holiday in Spain where history, nature and tranquillity meet to make you spend a great vacation next to the impressive Catalan Pyrenees. Contact us and come to our Parador de La Seu D'Urgell!


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(*) These prices may vary. Remember to check them in advance or at the entrance of the building.