Five Spanish Wedding Traditions You Didn't Know
11 de December 2013

A Spanish wedding is a truly unforgettable event, especially a Parador wedding. Any Parador bride will tell you how marvellous their experiences have been. Just ask Ana Lia!

To help you prepare for your next destination wedding in Spain, take note of just a few deep-seeded Spanish wedding traditions.

  • Orange Blossoms

For brides, floral arrangements are a huge decision. The right flowers are crucial to tying up the theme or colour scheme. Spanish brides tend to choose the traditional flower used for such important ceremonies: orange blossoms. The white petals complement the white dress and symbolize purity. Since orange trees bear their fruit and blossom at the same time, this special flower is believed to bring both happiness and fulfilment to the newlyweds.

Parador Jarandilla de Vera

  • A Grand Entrance

The groom is escorted down the aisle by his mother before the bride makes her spectacular entrance. The mother sits or stands by his side during the ceremony, instead of groomsmen. The bride is then accompanied by her father, who is also next to her throughout the ritual. Their presence and role represents the strong bond that holds Spanish families together.

  • The Groom's Gift to his Bride

On the day of the wedding, the groom presents his bride with thirteen gold coins in an ornately decorated box. These thirteen coins are blessed by a priest, and they represent Jesus and his twelve apostles. The meaning of this ritual varies according to whom you ask. Some say that the coins symbolize the groom's promise to provide for his wife and family economically. Others claim that they will bring fortune, blessings and wealth to the couple. Both sound pretty fantastic, don't they?

Parador Santo Estevo

  • Wedding Rings

Engagement rings in Spain are scarce; the importance is placed on the wedding rings! Married couples wear their rings on the right hand instead of the left, and they are usually matching bands of solid gold.

  • All the Single Ladies

The bride will typically give out small pins or corsages to her girlfriends. Single ladies will wear theirs upside down. If a girl loses her corsage at some point during the reception, this means that she will be the next to be married!

Have you heard of any other Spanish traditions? Tell us by leaving a comment below!