Restaurant of the Parador de Toledo

Imperial cuisine, heir to three cultures

Restaurant of the Parador de Toledo

Cerro del Emperador, s/n, 45002, Toledo
icono telefono +34 925221850
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Imperial cuisine, heir to three cultures

Eating at the Parador de Toledo, a country house with the best views of the complex of historic buildings, is to immerse oneself in a culinary journey back to the Middle Ages to discover delicious and natural delicacies inherited from the three cultures that populated the imperial city. You’ll try the best dishes in Toledo cuisine, which is based on game, shepherds’ cuisine, hearty and delicious,

Restaurant of the Parador de Toledo

Game and shepherds’ cuisine with panoramic views

The Restaurant of the Parador de Toledo allows you to enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view of the historic city, with the Cathedral, the Alcázar and the synagogues in outline on the horizon, while you enjoy succulent classic dishes from Castile-La Mancha such as stewed partridge a la toledana, game pâtés, migas del pastor, atascaburras, marinated lion of venison, cod confit, roast lamb or Manchego ratatouille.

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Carta Parador de Toledo
Carta del Restaurante en el Parador

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