Restaurant of the Parador de Jaén

The cuisine of the garden and of olive oil

Restaurant of the Parador de Jaén

Castillo de Santa Catalina, s/n, 23001, Jaén
icono telefono +34 953230000
imagen plato restaurante del Parador de Jaén

The cuisine of the garden and of olive oil

The traditional gastronomy from Jaén that the Parador de Jaén boasts is heir to the Andalusian tradition and is reminiscent of the sheperds’ cuisine. Its main ingredients come from the orchards and fields of the province with the omnipresence of the best extra virgin olive oil. Spoon dishes and game meat recipes are common, and its Moorish-influenced confectionery is particularly noteworthy.

Restaurant of the Parador de Jaén

stately cuisine with Andalusian roots

In the monumental dining hall with large stone pointed arches, wooden ceilings and spectacular chandeliers you will enjoy, like a feudal lord, typical local specialities such as gazpacho (tomato soup), ajo blanco (garlic soup) or pipirrana (salad with tomatoes, onion and peppers). Do not miss out on game meat recipes such as partridge terrine, wild boar stew or Baños-style deer. Nuts or extra virgin olive oil are the basis of exquisite convent sweets, puff pastries and sponge cakes.

restaurante del Parador de Jaén
Carta del Parador de Jaén
Carta del Restaurante en el Parador

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