Restaurant of the Parador de Plasencia

Extremaduran cuisine with a monastic heritage

Restaurant of the Parador de Plasencia

Plaza San Vicente Ferrer, s/n, 10600, Plasencia (Cáceres)
icono telefono +34 927425870
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Extremaduran cuisine with a monastic heritage

At the Parador de la Plasencia you’ll enjoy the simple and exquisite gastronomy of Extremadura. Our cuisine allows you to try the best of the region’s products: cuisine on offer that makes the most of the assorted and varied produce Jerte Valley, mainly vegetables and exquisite meats.

Restaurant of the Parador de Plasencia

Gastronomic showcase of the Jerte Valley

The restaurant occupies the chapter house, with a superb frieze of 16th century polychrome Talavera tiles, a coffered ceiling with large beams and a granite bench In this beautiful place you’ll enjoy the products of the Jerte Valley: peppers, tomatoes, wild thistles, mushrooms, game, 100% native Iberian pigs and cherries, the basis of classic dishes such as monastic cod, lamb stew and migas extremeñas.

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Carta Parador de Plasencia
Carta del Restaurante en el Parador

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