Restaurant of the Parador de Ferrol

Galician seafood cuisine

Restaurant of the Parador de Ferrol

Praza do Contralmirante Azarola Gresillón, 15401, Ferrol (A Coruña)
icono telefono +34 981356720
alimentos del restaurante del Parador de Ferrol

Galician seafood cuisine

The Parador de Ferrol pays homage to traditional Galician cuisine, with a gastronomy marked by a seafaring influence, given its location in the middle of the A Coruña estuary, prolific in the production of seafood. The varied products from the area's market garden and meats such as Rubia Gallega veal also play an important role in its menu.

Restaurant of the Parador de Ferrol

An "arsenal" of traditional A Coruña gastronomy

In the bright and cosy dining hall, with views of the harbour and the estuary, you can sample simple but tasty cuisine where the produce is the star. Typical dishes such as Galician broth or caldeirada (stew), home-made pies, octopus a feira (with potatoes and paprika), Galician-style scallops or filloas (thin crepes) stuffed with seafood. And to top it all off, rice pudding from Ferrol, filloas filled with cream and flambéed with orujo or the popular Ferrol cake, made with puff pastry and sweet chestnuts.

restaurante del Parador de Ferrol
Carta Parador de Ferrol
Carta Parador de Ferrol

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