Restaurant del Parador de Alarcón

Genuine traditional Manchegan cuisine

Restaurant of the Parador de Alarcón

Avda. Amigos de los Castillos, 3, 16214, Alarcón
icono telefono +34 969330315
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Genuine traditional Manchegan cuisine

The gastronomy of the Parador de Alarcón is based on the traditional cuisine of Cuenca. It tastes of Manchegan stew, morteruelo (pork liver stew), pickled partridge, pisto (similar to ratatouille), sheep cheese and the famous Manchegan wines.

Restaurant of the Parador de Alarcón

A journey back to the Middle Ages

The cosy restaurant of the Parador del Castillo de Alarcón is located in the lower part of the 8th-century castle. Decorated with elegant tables, diners can enjoy beautiful views of the river Júcar from the windows in its thick stone walls and immerse themselves in a journey through time to recall the sensations experienced in this same space by medieval knights during their lavish banquets.

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