Restaurant La Concordia (Parador de Alcañiz)

Brilliant exponent of Aragon's rich gastronomy

Restaurant La Concordia - Parador de Alcañiz

Castillo Calatravos, s/n, 44600, Alcañiz (Teruel)
icono telefono +34 978830400
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Brilliant exponent of Aragon's rich gastronomy

The gastronomic offer of the Parador de Alcañiz is based on updated traditional Aragonese cuisine and seasonal local produce. It includes dishes such as El Pilar beans, borage, Aragonese veal, baturra-style cod, ham from Teruel and peaches from Calanda. The cafeteria and, in summer, the Cloister Terrace allow you to enjoy a more informal menu.

Restaurant La Concordia - Parador de Alcañiz

Palatial elegance

With an elegant palatial décor, in the stately dining room of the Calatravan castle-convent you can taste local specialities of the traditional Aragonese cuisine such as baturra-style cod, migas del pastor (fried breadcrumbs), the famous ternasco (lamb) or quesada aragonesa (Aragonese cheesecake).

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Carta Parador de Alcañiz
carta restaurante Alcañiz

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