Restaurant El Jardín de la Arruzafa (Parador de Córdoba)

The legacy of Caliphate cuisine

Restaurant El Jardín de la Arruzafa - Parador de Córdoba

Avda. de la Arruzafa, 37, 14012, Córdoba
icono telefono +34 957275900
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The legacy of Caliphate cuisine

The cuisine of the Parador de Córdoba is heir to the different cultures that have passed through the Caliphate city, enriching its gastronomy: Romans, Visigoths, Jews, Arabs, Christians... As well as soups and cold creams to combat the heat, such as the famous salmorejo (thick tomato soup), Cordoba's signature dish along with oxtail, its offer includes Iberian cured meats, garden produce and sweets.

Restaurant El Jardín de la Arruzafa - Parador de Córdoba

A space for sharing

As a complement to the traditional restaurant, El Jardín de la Arruzafa is a gastronomic space with its own entity and a more informal menu with representative portions of the different regions of Cordoba to share. Cheeses from Zuheros and Subbética, cold meats from the mountains, aubergines with honey, pink tomato from Alcolea, oxtail croquettes, salmorejo, mazamorra (cold soup), flamenquín, bienmesabe, Andalusian fried squid...

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Carta Parador de Córdoba
Carta del Restaurante en el Parador
Carta del Espacio Gastronómico El Jardín de la Arruzafa del Parador de Córdoba
Carta de El Jardín de la Arruzafa en el Parador de Córdoba

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