Restaurant Piedras Albas (Parador de Ávila)

Temple of the black Iberian veal from Avila

Restaurant Piedras Albas - Parador de Ávila

Marqués de Canales y Chozas, 2, 05001, Ávila
icono telefono +34 920211340
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Temple of the black Iberian veal from Avila

The cuisine at the Parador de Ávila is a true reflection of the gastronomy of Avila, marked by hearty dishes full of flavour. A menu which highlights the cuts of the Avileña Negra Ibérica 100% native breed veal, pork products, pulses from Barco de Ávila, the humble but unbeatable 'patatas revolconas con torreznos’ (potato and paprika purée with fried pork belly) and the sweets, represented by the 'Yemas de Santa Teresa’ (egg yolk sweets).

Restaurant Piedras Albas - Parador de Ávila

surrounded by the iconic city wall

Through a glassed-in patio, from the palatial dining hall of the Piedras Albas Restaurant you can admire the beautiful views of the garden and the iconic city wall while you enjoy some beans from El Barco or some pucheretes teresianos (pork and vegetable stew), a good grilled steak or a roast suckling pig and the exquisite home-made yemas (egg yolks). A menu based on traditional cuisine, with classic dishes dominated by local products such as meats and beans.

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Carta Parador de Ávila
Carta Parador de Ávila

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