Restaurant of the Parador de Segovia

An Alcazar of Segovian cuisine

Restaurant of the Parador de Segovia

Carretera de Valladolid, s/n, 40003, Segovia
icono telefono +34 921443737
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An Alcazar of Segovian cuisine

The Parador de Segovia is a showcase for the richness and generosity of Segovia cuisine, which boasts deep Castilian roots. The menu is dominated by roast suckling pig and suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven, but there is also room for other traditional regional dishes prepared with the best local ingredients.

Restaurant of the Parador de Segovia

a gastronomic balcony overlooking the historic city

At the restaurant of the Parador de Segovia you can savour the best Castilian cuisine while you enjoy marvellous views of the historic city, looking out at the iconic aqueduct, the Fortress and the cathedral in the distance. It serves classic roast suckling pig and suckling lamb, traditional spoon dishes and such as garlic soup or La Granja beans, the unique Carrascal del Río-style cod or desserts such as the iconic ponche (egg yolk and marzipan punch)

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Carta Parador de Segovia
Carta del Restaurante en el Parador

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