Restaurant of the Parador de El Hierro

Herreña cuisine

Restaurant of the Parador de El Hierro

Las Playas, 15, 38910 VALVERDE , El Hierro (Islas Canarias)
icono telefono +34 922558036
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Herreña cuisine

Tradition and flavour are the basis of El Hierro's gastronomy, a reflection of a small island society limited to the use of very characteristic local ingredients. At the Parador, you will discover an offer where the protagonists are the most representative products of Canarian cuisine, with special emphasis on fish.

Restaurant of the Parador de El Hierro

Overlooking the waters of the Atlantic Ocean

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged volcanic mountain, the Parador restaurant is the perfect place to sample delicious Canarian cuisine, with specialities such as watercress stew, wrinkled potatoes, cheeses and home-made almogrote (cheese spread). Some representative dishes include local fish such as the amberjack, the pompano, the alfonsiño or the viejas, and desserts such as fig biscuit with chocolate.

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Carta Parador de El Hierro
Carta del Restaurante en el Parador

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