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Travel safely with your pet
We are Pet Friendly!

Paradores welcomes your pet

We are Pet Friendly! Paradores welcomes your pet, to make travelling to charming destinations much easier for you. Remember to check availability at our Pet Friendly Paradores before booking, so that we have everything ready for your pet.

Sello Paradores Pet Friendly

On arrival, all guests will receive a welcome kit for their pet in their room, consisting of a bed for the pet and a food bowl and food* suited to the size of your pet, courtesy of Royal Canin.

Ahora puedes viajar con tu mascota a algunos Paradores
Trae a tu gato a Paradores

Remember to contact the Parador in advance

All Pet Friendly Paradores have a distinctive sign on the website. Always confirm the details of your pet with the Parador when making your booking. Guide dogs are of course accepted in all our Paradores regardless of their size.

Now all you have to do is choose your next Parador with your pet for a hike in the mountains, a walk by the sea or a stroll through historic places... Choose from among 31 Paradores. We hope your pet enjoys the stay as much as you do.

* The Royal Canin food pack in the room is part of the welcome kit and does not represent the total food required for the pet during their stay.

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FAQ's and Information


  • Which Paradores offer this service?
    • Paradores in the mountains: Artíes, Bielsa, Cangas de Onís, Cazorla, Cervera de Pisuerga, Cruz de Tejeda, Fuente Dé, Gredos, La Gomera, Las Cañadas del Teide, Vic-Sau and Villafranca.

    • Paradores near the sea: Benicarló, El Hierro, El Saler, La Palma, Limpias, Málaga Golf and Ribadeo.

    • Paradores with history: Ciudad Rodrigo, Guadalupe, Jarandilla, Verín and Zafra.

    • City Paradores: Albacete, Benavente, Ceuta, Manzanares, Melilla, Tordesillas and Tui.

  • What pets are allowed?
    • Dwarf, small or medium sized dogs and cats (maximum 25 kg). Only one pet per room is allowed.
  • How much is the pet supplement?
    • The supplement is 20 euros per night. To make your pet feel at home, we offer a special bed, water bowl and a welcome snack*. These rooms will also have an even more exhaustive cleaning protocol.
  • How can I make my reservation?
    • Reservations of this type can only be made by calling the chosen Parador directly or by calling our reservation centre.
    • In order to visit with a pet, you must inform the Parador at the time of booking, as Pet Friendly Paradores are subject to a limited number of pets per night. Depending on the characteristics of the Parador, pets may be subject to a specific room category and space. All our Pet Friendly Paradores have a pet-friendly accommodation policy. It is essential to find out about the conditions of access and use of the services in each Parador.
  • These are some measures common to all:
    • Dogs of dangerous or potentially dangerous breeds are not permitted.
    • While on the premises, the pet must be kept on a leash, carried in arms or in a carrier.
    • The pet must not be left alone in the room.
    • Dog waste must not be deposited inside the Parador.
    • The owner must provide proof of a valid health record with vaccinations and the insurance required by the applicable regulations at all times. Foreign-registered pets must have a European Pet Passport.
  • Contact telephone numbers:
    • Booking Center: 91 374 25 00
    • Parador de Albacete: 967 245 321
    • Parador de Artíes: 973 640 801
    • Parador de Benavente: 980 630 300
    • Parador de Benicarló: 964 470 100
    • Parador de Bielsa: 974 50 10 11
    • Parador de La Gomera: 922 87 11 00
    • Parador de Cangas de Onís 985 849 402
    • Parador de Gredos: 920 348 048
    • Parador de Guadalupe: 927 367 075
    • Parador de Ceuta: 956 514 940
    • Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo: 923 460 150
    • Parador de Cazorla: 953 727 075
    • Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga: 979 870 075
    • Parador de Cruz de Tejeda: 928 012 500
    • Parador de El Hierro: 922 558 036
    • Parador de Fuente Dé: 942 736 651
    • Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera: 927 560 117
    • Parador de Málaga Golf: 952 381 255
    • Parador de Manzanares: 926 610 400
    • Parador de Melilla: 952 684 940
    • Parador de Tordesillas: 983 770 051
    • Parador de Tui: 986 600 300
    • Parador de Cañadas del Teide: 922 386 415
    • Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo: 987 540 175
    • Parador de Verín: 988 410 075
    • Parador de Vic-Sau: 938 122 323
    • Parador de El Saler: 961 61 11 86
    • Parador de La Palma: 922 43 58 28
    • Parador de Limpias: 942 62 89 00
    • Parador de Ribadeo: 98 212 88 25
    • Parador de Zafra: 924 554 540