The Spanish government endeavours that the presentation of all the contents and essential function of public websites may be independent from the physical devices or navigators used to such a purpose, coded with technical standards of free use at no cost to the user, and accessible to navigators adapted to persons suffering from disabilities or sensorial, motor or cognitive impairment.


The European Union, in the Resolution of the Council of March 25th, 2002, encourages member States to take into consideration the need for digital contents to be made accessible and, pursuant to this recommendation, under Law 34/2002, of july 11th, on the services to the information society and electronic commerce, provides for public Administrations to adopt the necessary measures in order for the information available on their websites to be accessible to disabled or elderly persons, in accordance with the criteria for accessibility to contents generally recognised, before December 31st, 2005.

Pursuant to this goal, the design of the website for Paradores de Turismo d dEspaña S.A. has been carried out bearing in mind the recommendations for accessibility to the first and second levels of priority under the guidelines for  UNE 139803:2004.