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Advantages from your first reservation

At Paradores we believe that our friends are the heart of the brand. To be an “Amigo de Paradores” is to become part of a group of travelers who enjoy the experience of staying in unique places and, above all, who collect their stays as indelible memories of the stages of a unique journey: “Spain from Parador to Parador.” Become Amigo and start enjoying benefits and exclusive offers for you. Because we know that a friend is someone very special and we want you to feel unique.

Programa amigos de paradores

Advantages of being Amigo of Paradores

Descuentos para Amigos

5% de descuento sobre la tarifa Parador en tus reservas online

Acumula puntos

Acumulas puntos para conseguir noches gratis

Copa de bienvenida

Copa de bienvenida a tu llegada

Descuento en circuito spa

5€ de descuento en circuito spa

Atención personalizada

Atención personalizada

Desayuno gratis en tu primera reserva

Desayuno gratis en tu primera reserva como Amigo


Ofertas exclusivas

Ofertas y promociones exclusivas

Comunicaciones personalizadas

Comunicaciones personalizadas

Cómo funciona

Nada más registrarte en el programa te conviertes en nuestro Amigo y ya puedes disfrutar de tus recompensas y ventajas. A medida que realices reservas o utilices otros servicios de Paradores, irás acumulando puntos. A medida que vayas acumulando puntos podrás ir subiendo de categoría y obtener más y mejores beneficios.

Como cliente Amigo tendrás un acceso personal a la web en el que podrás consultar tu saldo de puntos, tus reservas y tus ofertas. Además, recibirás newsletters exclusivas y personalizadas con ofertas y promociones solo para ti y podrás participar en sorteos solo para Amigos. 




You will become a Friend as soon as you join the program.                                                                         


tarjeta amigo



Reach this level by accumulating 1,500 to 2,999 points and a minimum of 3 accommodation visits to obtain points in different Paradores (1).


tarjeta amigo



Reach this level by accumulating 3,000 or more points and a minimum of 5 accommodation visits to obtain points in different Paradores (1).


tarjeta amigo


(1) Points obtained for accommodation and/or restaurant, cafeteria, spa, etc. bills, during the last two calendar years. Invoices for special services are not included.

Espacio en blanco Amigo Gold Círcle
Discount on web reservations with your Amigo Price Rate
(discount on the Parador Rate)
5% discount 5% discount 5% discount
Discount on buffet breakfast.
(for the holder and 1 accompanying person in the same room)
 no 50% discount FREE
Lunch discount for card holders not staying *
(for the holder and 1 accompanying person)
 no 10% discount 20% discount
Gastroparada: Discount on lunch service on the way to the Parador. **
(for the holder and 1 accompanying person)
15% discount 15% discount 15% discount
Garage discount for the hosted guest (It is not possible to make a prior reservation.).  no €5 discount on parking / garage.  FREE
Exclusive offers    si  si
Welcome drink
(for the holder and accompanying persons in the same room)
 si  si  si
Exclusive Customer Service Line  no  no  si
Welcome gift in the room  no  no  si
Discount or payment with points on SPA circuit  si  si  si
Invitation to events  si  si  si


* Not combinable with other types of discounts or special menus

** Not combinable with other types of discounts or special menus. Parador Casa da Ínsua not included in this promotion.

*** In gastronomic space (cafeteria).

Frequently Asked Questions and Information


  • How do I join the Amigos programme and what are the requirements??

    • Through the website www.paradores.es, the Paradores App or its Digital Concierge. To apply for the Amigos de Paradores card you must be at least 18 years old. When you register online you will receive an email with your virtual card. You do not need to present the physical card each time you stay with us, but you do need to indicate that you are an Amigo and give your card number if you have one. If you are not staying at the hotel but just passing through, you will need to show your card at the restaurant or bar, either physically or virtually, so that the points for your drinks can be registered. If there are several cardholders together, you should each request separate invoices.

  • Does the Amigo Card expire and is it free of charge?

    • Becoming an Amigo is free and your card does not expire, even if you do not come to Paradores. The higher levels of card, Oro or Círculo, are valid for one year and are renewed if you meet the requirements.
  • What are the advantages of becoming an Amigo de Paradores?

    • You will accumulate points for all Parador services used to exchange for free nights at Paradores. 
    • When you sign up, you will be entitled to a free welcome breakfast for you and your companion staying in the same room (see Welcome breakfast voucher).
    • Each time you stay with us, we will offer a welcome drink to the cardholder and the people sharing your room, and exceptionally your children up to 14 years old staying in another room. This invitation is only valid for a soft drink or a glass of Paradores selection wine, mineral water or draught beer, to enjoy in the gastronomic area (bar-cafeteria).
    • €5 discount on the Spa circuit, when you stay at Paradors with Spa.
    • 5% discount on the Parador rate on all online bookings made through www.paradores.es ("Amigo Price").
    • A 15% discount on lunches on the outward and/or return journey when staying at a Parador ("Gastroparada"). 
    • You will receive exclusive offers and there is a Customer Service Centre with a telephone and email for any queries you may have.

    Remember that you must be logged in as an Amigo at www.paradores.es to enjoy all your benefits.

  • What is the Welcome Breakfast Voucher and how can I use it? 

    • When you join the programme, you will receive a welcome email with a link to download your Breakfast Voucher. From the moment you join Amigos, you have 3 months to validate your voucher with an online booking at www.paradores.es for a stay within the first year of joining. The voucher is only valid if you make the booking logged in as an Amigo, and only through the Paradores website.
    • The voucher can only be used once during the stay, and is valid for an invitation to a buffet breakfast for two people staying in the same room and a companion in an extra room. Also, the voucher is only valid if you are staying at the hotel. 
    • To make use of this voucher, you must make an online booking as an Amigo through the Paradores website. Once you have made your booking, you should enter your personal area on the website and enter your booking reference in the section "My profile > Edit profile". From there you can download your voucher and present it at the Parador.
    • If you have booked a rate with breakfast included, you can still make use of the Breakfast Voucher. The Parador will deduct the proportional part corresponding to the breakfast at that rate from your bill. 
    • The Breakfast Voucher is not valid for use when staying with a gift box, as this includes breakfast. Nor is it valid for prepaid bookings for accommodation and breakfast. With these rates you can only use your voucher if the booking is for accommodation only.
  • How do I book as an Amigo?

    • Before starting your online booking, enter your Amigo codes, otherwise you will not be able to access your exclusive offers or points rates.  Please inform us that you are an Amigo cardholder however you choose to make your bookings.
    • Reservations can only be guaranteed by credit card or prepayment. The Amigos card cannot be used to guarantee reservations.
  • How can I book with my 5% discount on the Parador Rate?

    First log in to the Paradores website as an Amigo. When you make a reservation, choose the Parador you wish to stay at, and from the different rates that are displayed, select "Amigo Price", which includes a 5% discount on the "Parador" rate.

  • Can I make reservations with my Amigo card for other people?

    • Your Amigo card is personal and non-transferable, so you should not use it to book rooms for family or friends if you are not going to accompany them. 
    • You only collect points if you stay yourself, for up to a maximum of three rooms.
      In addition, if you book several rooms for family or friends, they will not benefit from the benefits of the Programme. Only you and the people sharing the room with you will benefit from these. In order for the people staying in the other rooms to benefit from the advantages of the Programme, there should be a cardholder staying in each room.
    • In this case, you should indicate at check-in that you are all Amigos so that the Parador can issue separate invoices and each cardholder can receive their points.
    • Exceptionally, if you are travelling with children up to 14 years of age, and they are staying in another room, they will only benefit from the accommodation or meal plan and welcome drink offers, but not from any other benefits or added value for the cardholder.
  • When are the points earned reflected in my Amigo account?

    • Once you stay with us, under a booking made as an Amigo, the Parador will issue the invoice and the points will be automatically registered on your departure.
    • If you are paying for family or friends, without staying at the Parador yourself, you will not be entitled to collect any points for their booking, as only the holder in whose name the accommodation invoice is in and who has stayed at the Parador will be able to collect the points.
  • Can I collect points if I book through other websites (Booking, Expedia, etc.)?

    No, if you want to collect points, you must make your bookings through our own channels: website, app, Booking Centre, or the Parador itself, or through traditional agencies that do not operate solely online.

  • Can I collect points in several programmes at the same time, such as Iberia Plus or Renfe?

    No. You can never collect points in more than one loyalty programme for the same bill. When you arrive at the Parador, you should indicate the programme in which you wish to collect points and benefit from its advantages.

  • What can I spend my points on?

    • Accommodation in your own double room (extra beds are paid in euros).
    • Breakfast if booked as bed and breakfast only when specified in the points tariff.
    • You can also buy gift boxes with points, in which case you could buy boxes for lunch or dinner for two people, bed and breakfast in a double room for one, two or five nights and half board in a double room for one or two nights.
      In the basic Spa circuits, as long as you stay at the hotel.

  • What can I NOT spend my points on?

    • You cannot use your points to pay for other rooms. Points are personal and non-transferable. Each cardholder can pay for their room with points, as long as they have the necessary points and, exceptionally, for the room occupied by their children under 14 years of age.
    • You cannot pay with points for extra beds. The extra bed is always paid in euros, unless it is free of charge when specified in the rate.
  • When are the points deducted from my account?

    At the time of your stay, when you check in. You must have sufficient points.

  • Why was I able to make a reservation with points if I do not have enough credit?

    Because you can plan to collect points at a later date, before your stay at the Parador where you wish to pay with points. Points are deducted at the time of your stay, so you can always make your booking with points. You just have to make sure that you have enough points at the time of your stay, confirming that they have not expired due to inactivity. You can check the balance and validity of your points at www.paradores.es, by accessing your Amigo menu, on tel. 91 374 26 00 or via [email protected].

  • I have booked a reservation for payment with points and I am unable to complete my stay. If I do not cancel within the charge-free deadline, will the points be deducted from my account or the equivalent amount in euros from my credit card?

    In the event of a no-show or failure to cancel in good time, the Parador may deduct the points corresponding to one night, or if you do not have sufficient points, your credit card will be charged an amount equivalent to €0.35 per point.

  • Why do special events generate fewer points?

    • As stated in the General Conditions of the Amigos Programme, points for special events such as weddings, communions and baptisms only generate special points, i.e. one point for every 12 euros of expenditure (excluding VAT).

  • Still have doubts? Contact us here