• Parador de Córdoba

Route through the sets of Game of Thrones

Route of 3 nights

Paradores on the Route

  1. Parador de Córdoba
  2. Parador de Carmona
  3. Parador de Trujillo

With Paradores, travel through the natural settings of Game of Thrones in Spain. From Cordoba to Trujillo, where some of the key places in the story of the well-known series are located,  a tale set 300 years before the beginning of the Targaryen dynasty and its reign in Westeros.

The location of the chosen scenarios is the main attraction of this route, where fans of the series can relive the experiences of its characters.


Route available until December 2022 (included).

This route starts on Sunday

Day 1

Parador de Córdoba

Parador de Córdoba

Avda. de la Arruzafa, 37, 14012, Córdoba

+34 957275900

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Our route begins in Cordoba, the city chosen to recreate the kingdom of Volantis on its Roman bridge. Although any other corner of this World Heritage City could also have been chosen. The city's most important monument is the Mosque-Cathedral, an extraordinary journey through the history of art and architecture over the centuries. The other outstanding monument is the Real Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, where the Catholic Monarchs stayed until the conquest of Granada. If you have reached the Roman bridge, take a stroll through the streets of the historic centre and enjoy the beauty of the squares and courtyards, decorated with pots of brightly coloured flowers. Wander through the Jewish quarter and discover the only synagogue in Andalusia. Do not forget to try the local cuisine. You will love the Salmorejo Cordobés, the white almond Gazpacho and the churrasco with green sauce. In Almodóvar del Río, just 35 kilometres from Córdoba, lies another of the Kingdoms of the West. The famous castle of this locality was the shooting location for Highgarden.

Day 2

Parador de Carmona

Parador de Carmona

Alcázar, s/n, 41410, Carmona

+34 954141010

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Our route continues to Carmona, a town located just half an hour from Seville, whose Real Alcázar is another of the locations in the famous series. Fans of the series will recognise the kingdom of Dorne. In this city you can also visit other hallmark monuments including La Giralda, the Torre del Oro and the Triana quarter. The city of Carmona is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia and is surrounded by more than 500 archaeological sites. Several of the key scenes in recent seasons of Game of Thrones were filmed at one of these. Specifically, the amphitheatre of the Roman city of Italica, known today as Sevilla La Vieja. From the Parador de Carmona, a former Moorish citadel, it is possible to see the Sevillian skyline, where a third location can be found. Osuna bullring was also one of the locations and a museum has even been created to commemorate the series' presence in the town.

Day 3

Parador de Trujillo

Parador de Trujillo

Santa Beatriz de Silva, 1, 10200, Trujillo

+34 927321350

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Our route reaches the last stop: Trujillo, birthplace of discoverers. A majestic convent with a beautiful Renaissance cloister awaits us here, very close to the castle of Trujillo, the setting for the series. This fortification was the location of King's Landing, no less. You will be able to see the battlements and the parade ground when you visit it. The Plaza Mayor of Trujillo is surrounded by historic buildings of great beauty. In its centre stands the equestrian statue of Francisco Pizarro and, next to the church of San Martín de Tours, you can see the Palacio de la Conquista and the Casa de las Cadenas. Make the most of your stay in the city to discover the surrounding area of Trujillo. Near the Parador, visit Monfragüe Nature Reserve, a true sanctuary for birdwatching where you can go hiking and contemplate the magnificent scenery from spectacular viewpoints.