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06 de May 2016

For some people, the North of Spain means seafood, wine and cold weather, but actually it is way more than that. The northern coast of the country is full of nature, hiking spots, mountains and of course, beaches. For those who are not big fans of the regular crowded beaches, we will recommend some hidden beaches in the North Coast. Lucky for you, we have Paradores Luxury Hotels located nearby these beaches.


05 de May 2016

The fact that Andalusia is one of the most beloved regions in Spain is not something new! There are so many reasons why to choose any of Andalusian cities and villages for your holidays. Here you have 10 to visit lovely Andalusia by making a tour around our Paradores luxury hotels in there. It will be the time of your life!

04 de May 2016

The Spanish city of Úbeda, in Jaén, is one of those places everyone has heard of some day in their lives. Considered an architectonic and urbanistic jewel, this city awaits your visit as much as our Parador de Úbeda does.  Spend some time in this city and discover its wonders and the ones of the villages around. 


03 de May 2016

The village of Carmona is located in the southern region of Los Alcores. Together with Carmona, there are three more villages on this same region that deserve to be explored so as to discover the beauty and essence of the south of Spain. From our Parador de Carmona to the city of Seville, you will cross through the whole Los Alcores region. Do you want to discover it?

03 de May 2016

At the heart of the Teide National Park, perfectly integrated in the landscape and with views of the volcano, this charming hotel is an authentic mountain shelter. The Parador de las Cañadas del Teide is the hotel you need to book to enjoy a full experience discovering this protected area, which is a World Heritage Site since 2007.

02 de May 2016

Located in the northern part of Alicante, the village of Jávea appears. It is a coast village next to the Mediterranean Sea with so many beautiful sites to explore. The Parador de Jávea is the best option for your stay in this great village, and the Route of the Miradores is the best tour you can make to discover the beauty of Jávea from different viewpoints! A total of 15 vantage points set this route. Let's take the car go for it!

Els Molins

29 de April 2016

Travelling is something almost everyone enjoys. But, who has ever thought of travelling alone? Spain is a good destination if you ever thought of it! It is well connected and you have a wide variety of options and places (safe places) to choose. Get yourself in the enriching and interesting adventure of being a solo traveller in Spain in our Paradores luxury hotels! You'll want to repeat, no doubt.

The first thing to assume is that you cannot be afraid! All you need is yourself following these steps:

28 de April 2016

The Castle of Monterreal, in the Galician village of Baiona is one of those historic buildings that leave you amazed. Today, it is a luxury hotel. It is the Parador de Baiona. Let's discover a little bit more about its history. The more you read, the more you'll want to book a stay there!

27 de April 2016

Have you ever dreamed about taking long walks along the beach, having a relaxing coffee in front of the ocean and finally having dinner and spending the night in one of the most luxury hotels in the Basque Country? If your answer is yes, you have to come to San Sebastian and stay at our Parador de Hondarribia. This luxury hotel is only 2 kilometres away from the beach and 23 kilometres from the city of San Sebastian, and it will provide you the best experience you could ever ask for in the Basque Country.

26 de April 2016

Now that you finally chose Spain for your holidays, choosing your destination among all the beautiful cities in our country can be hard, but don't worry, we are here to help you. From a warm city to a cultural, natural or a gastronomic trip,Paradores Luxury Hotels will make whichever destination you choose an experience you won't forget. If you are not sure of what you want, check these ideas that will hopefully help you decide.


25 de April 2016

Transparent water, beautiful bays, charming beaches... Our Parador de Aiguablava is located in such an idyllic spot in the Costa Brava. Feel the warm welcoming of our Parador de Aiguablava and explore how beautiful this region is. Let's discover some of the most charming coves around this luxury hotel.

Are you ready to discover some of the nicest beach landscapes in the Spanish Costa Brava?

22 de April 2016

In the province of Ourense, in Galicia, right in the heart of La Ribera Sacra, we find the beautiful Parador de Santo Estevo. Coming here is the perfect plan if you are looking for some disconnection in a wonderful environment in the north of Spain. Check it out!

Parador de Santo Estevo

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