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19 de June 2024


Crossing long and majestic footbridges is a memorable experience, one of those that we keep in our memories and that we cannot resist photographing. From the heights or at ground level, there is nothing like contemplating the beautiful valleys and impressive geological formations that cross these viaducts. To make it easier for you not to miss an experience like this, we have selected the best walkways and Paradors for you to enjoy unforgettable days. Don't forget to ask us at reception for these routes.


05 de June 2024

Did you know that this week is World Bicycle Day? At Paradores we are delighted to celebrate it, because if there is one thing we love, it’s that you enjoy being on two wheels. For this reason, our establishments that are part of the cycle tourism programme offer you the opportunity to bring your own bicycle to your room or leave it in perfect condition in the outdoor storage area. In addition, we provide you with a washing and maintenance area so that your bike is always in perfect condition.

28 de May 2024

International Hamburger Day is celebrated on May 28, a day dedicated to extolling this irresistible bite of minced meat between bun and bun that, at the whim of the influential Yankee culture, has ended up becoming one of the most iconic dishes in world gastronomy. A dish that gives a lot of play because it has infinite possibilities and all of them delicious.

22 de May 2024

Surely you have ever fantasized about putting your feet in a movie paradise, right? That magical beach that only exists in fairy tales, where the only sound you hear is the whisper of the waves, where the only alarm is the birds singing and where the sun's rays caress your skin when you wake up. The time has come to make that dream come true.

14 de May 2024

The approaching summer temperatures awaken the desire to cool off with a good dip, and the pools of Paradores are presented as a tempting option to satisfy this desire. Diving into them is also plunging into incredible views of unforgettable landscapes or panoramic views of cities that are World Heritage Sites. In addition, some of these pools are located in natural environments, where the whisper of nature accompanies you in that moment of relaxation in the hammock.

03 de May 2024

Have you ever dreamt of a landscape capable of making you feel both tiny and at peace? In this article, we would like to invite you to find just such a place in the Parador de Bielsa. This modern building, built in the style of a typical mountain retreat, is located at the foot of Monte Perdido, surrounded by an immense forest over which the peaks of the National Park rise.

03 de May 2024

There’s more to summer than just going to the beach, it’s also a time when you can enjoy a real spectacle for the senses thanks to the lavender fields. Relax by strolling alongside this scenic delight, close your eyes and appreciate its iconic relaxing aroma and, of course, take in one of the greatest treasures to be found in rural Spain. In this article, we suggest five top destinations. Remember: in July and August the lavender fields are at their most splendid.



03 de May 2024

Many people associate summer holidays with the beach. Lying in the sun on the sand, enjoying a refreshing swim, a visit to the beach bar... that's all well and good, but there are countless radiant, beautiful spots that fit in perfectly with the idea of taking a refreshing dip. If you’re looking for an alternative to the coast, take note of these enclaves where you can enjoy refreshing destinations, great gastronomy and the mix of relaxation and fun that your body and mind need during summer.


03 de May 2024

Throughout its almost one hundred years of history, Paradores has sought to combine relaxation and leisure with excitement and learning experiences. And Civitatis, since its beginnings, has opened up a new world of tourism possibilities for travellers. Now, taking advantage of the start of the summer holidays, Paradores and Civitatis are launching a new joint proposal to expand and diversify the range of activities offered by Paradores.

30 de April 2024

Popular culture, traditions dating back to the age of the Vikings, the Roman Empire and the splendour of the Renaissance; well-known faces from the music scene attend the regional festivals of each community, while theatrical performances and lively open-air dances envelop us in a festive atmosphere. The list of proposals offered by the various festivities to be held over the next few weeks all over Spain is endless.

26 de April 2024

Spain has a host of wonderful villages. And it’s not just us who say so, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) itself has published a list of the best rural areas around the world. Each country could present three proposals for recognition. In Spain’s case, all of the candidates were awarded. Guadelupe, Rupit y Pruït and Alquézar are now among the world’s best villages for tourism. Would you like to know what makes them so special? Keep reading.



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