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29 de April 2020

Paradores invites you to travel around Spain and discover the most historical and charming towns and locations, staying in unique accommodations. Therefore, we have prepared some videos, which will be posted weekly, in which we show you great spots that you cannot miss.

27 de March 2020

To help you keep a balanced diet during this long confinement, Juan Mora, chef of the recently renovated Parador de Jaén, encourages you to cook a refreshing and delicious salad from the traditional cuisine of Jaén with a fun name: pipirrana. A complete dish in which the source of protein is the boiled egg. Some people prefer to add some tuna fish...

And to make the waiting more bearable, he presents to you this recipe of ajilimójili, a traditional sauce from Jaén that you can have as an appetizer while you prepare the pipirrana. You will lick your fingers! 

27 de March 2020

Amanda Aránega, chef at the Parador de Mojácar, is an exponent of the increasing presence of women in charge of the kitchens of the public hotel network and is determined to sweeten your confinement.

To make these "stay at home" days a bit happier, she suggests this recipe of cortadillos, one of the most iconic desserts of the establishment of Almería. Recently, it has been included in the snack menu of their restaurant with a singular identity "La cuajadera del Mediterráneo". A delicious filled cake with the unique flavour of the anise cream. You will lick your fingers! 

24 de March 2020

Antonio Moya Bolancel is specialised in traditional Andalusian cuisine and is the winner of the 1st Tapas and Pinchos Contest of Paradores. He is the current Executive Chef at the Parador de Cádiz-Hotel Atlántico and wants to share with all the friends of the public hotel network the recipe of a speciality of his region: Cordovan casserole.

24 de March 2020

Potajes de vigilia (stews) are very typical around this time of the year. One of the most popular recipes of the period of Lent calls for chickpeas, spinach and codfish. With the restrictions arisen from the confinement, we will sometimes need to improvise and use our imagination. Juan Antonio Aguilar, chef at the Parador de Málaga Golf, has taken a look at his refrigerator and, lacking codfish, suggests this comforting meal with prawns. A delicious variant! 

23 de March 2020

A tireless researcher on what our Iberian ancestors used to eat, José Damián Partido, chef at the Parador de Antequera, challenges you to get your hands dirty and cook a staple food of our diet: home-made bread.
During these days of confinement, Damián bakes with his kids some gorgeous and appealing loafs of bread with a crunchy crust and a light crumb in the oven of his kitchen. This is an idea that will prevent all lovers of daily bread from leaving their homes to get their supplies. It is much easier than you may think and you will be surprised by the result. Get on with it!

22 de March 2020

To make the confinement more pleasant to all of you, the chefs of Paradores have wanted to do their bit suggesting some simple recipes with affordable products that they are cooking themselves these days at home for their families. 

Today, we dare you to try this delicious potatoes stew with artichokes, prawns and mint by David Gómez López, chef at the Parador de Córdoba. What are you waiting for to put on your apron? 

20 de March 2020

Dear friends,

As you may know, our Paradores are closed during the state of alarm. However, we don't want to leave your side on these days when many of you have to stay home.

We would love to help make the required confinement some more pleasant. This is why we are preparing much content that we hope you will find useful and entertaining. We will be happy to receive suggestions and comments to improve the posts with your ideas.

28 de August 2019

The Spanish Confederation of Travel Agents (CEAV) will recognise Paradores for it service to tourism at a ceremony that will take place on 7 November next in Seville, coinciding with the 5th Travel Agent Associations Conference. The award will be received by the President and CEO, Óscar López.

Presidente - consejero, Óscar López.

28 de August 2019

Here at Paradores we are committed to sustainability and we have put in place a number of different initiatives to protect the environment, one of which is the reduction of single-use plastic. 

28 de August 2019

We are the first hotel chain in Spain to make biodegradable and compostable sugarcane containers available to diners to take their food away. This reinforces our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy and to align our goals as a company with the Sustainable Development Goals established in the UN 2030 Agenda.

11 de September 2018

Are you a marine landscape lover? If you like moving from cove to cove, you can't miss our selection for your stay in Paradores to be perfect. We suggest you some destinations close to amazing sites to enjoy your perfect getaway.

Parador de Jávea and Cala Blanca cove: This viewpoint is located in La Caleta. Its name (White Cove in English) comes from the white walls of the mountains that surround the cove. There is a stone where you can enjoy jumping into the see.

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