Restaurant El Bodegón (Parador de Chinchón)

Typical Madrilenian cuisine

Restaurant El Bodegón - Parador de Chinchón

Los Huertos, 1, 28370 , Chinchón (Madrid)
icono telefono +34 918940836

Restaurant El Convento - Parador de Chinchón

Los Huertos, 1, 28370 , Chinchón (Madrid)
icono telefono +34 918940836
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Typical Madrilenian cuisine

The gastronomic offer of the Parador de Chinchón is typical from Madrid, as is characteristic of the capital of garlic and aniseed, two products that have left their mark on its recipes. Roasts, soups and stews stand out, and in winter it is a place of pilgrimage to try the local variant of the typical cocido madrileño stew.


The El Bodegón restaurant begins its season on October 21, 2023 and will extend it until the end of April 2024. It is open only on weekends.

Restaurant El Bodegón - Parador de Chinchón

A stronghold of taba bean stew

The restaurant El Bodegón is a vaulted thematic space where we exclusively offer the complete cocido de taba (bean stew). A gastronomic speciality served in earthenware dishes which is a local variant of the typical cocido madrileño, made with top quality raw materials, and which as its main distinguishing feature incorporates crayfish into the recipe.

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Carta Parador de Chinchón
Carta del Restaurante en el Parador

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