Parador de Alarcón

A medieval viewpoint over the River Júcar

Parador de Alarcón

Avda. Amigos de los Castillos, 3 16214 Alarcón

Register number: 16610100017

+34 969330315

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Mapa Parador de Alarcón

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A medieval viewpoint over the River Júcar
Parador de Alarcón

Halfway between Madrid and Valencia, we come across this medieval fortress of Islamic origin. The Parador de Alarcón is located in a castle with more than 13 centuries of history, on a gorge over the river Júcar. It has magnificent views of the area from the top of Pico de los Hidalgos.

Parador de Alarcón
Una pareja pasea en bicicleta por la muralla medieval a la que está unida el Parador de Alarcón

The castle, which is deemed the best-preserved historical construction in the province of Cuenca, has a spectacular keep and arrowhead battlements. It’s surrounded by a double defensive enclosure and connected to the rest of the wall surrounding the town of Alarcón. The walls, the stone ceilings of the rooms and their decoration will take you back to medieval times.

Alarcón is a small medieval village that has been declared a Historical-Artistic Site and is bounded by the river Júcar. As you stroll through its beautiful narrow streets, you come across the churches of Santo Domingo de Silos and Santa María. Additionally, the Murals by Jesús Mateo in the church of San Juan Bautista should not be missed.

This is the most beautiful and best-preserved castle in Cuenca. The origins of this small but impregnable fortress are uncertain but are probably pre-Roman. It was initially an Arab stronghold and passed into Christian hands in 1184. This Site of Cultural Interest now looks like a Gothic castle (except for the Renaissance keep) built around a small inner courtyard with a cistern. On the outside, the three walls that once protected it are still standing. All the current interior rooms were rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the Parador, which opened in 1996. The gardens and car park today are located on a former parade ground.

One of the most famous lords of the castle was Don Juan Manuel (1282-1348), a warrior, politician and a man of letters. He was an influential adviser to kings, the architect of intrigues between the peninsular kingdoms, and a feudal lord. He is renowned in history for his famous book “El Conde Lucanor” or Tales of Count Lucanor.

Cama con dosel en suite del Parador de Alarcón

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Paradores offers the exclusive experience of enjoying regional, local and local cuisine in unique spaces. Our cuisine is strongly linked to the places where the 98 hotels are located, presenting the best gastronomy from the different Spanish regions. Pioneers in local cuisine, we have reinforced our commitment to local products in search of the best raw material and reaffirming our commitment to sustainability.

Helado en el restaurante del Parador de Alarcón

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  • What to do?
    What to do in Parador de Alarcón

    Alarcón is a small and beautiful medieval village in the province of Cuenca. The medieval city wall is almost entirely preserved, along with the gates: the Puerta del Campo, the Puerta del Calabozo and the Puerta del Bodegón. The palaces are another significant attraction of this medieval town that lies halfway between Madrid and Valencia. The Palacio del Concejo, which houses the current town hall, and the Palacio de los Castañeda are especially noteworthy. The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Pintura Mural de Alarcón, the Plaza de Don Juan Manuel, or the Church of Santo Domingo de Silos are some of the places that are worth visiting.

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    The Parador de Alarcón is surrounded by the river Júcar and it’s a stone's throw away from the reservoir of the same name. It’s six kilometres away from Alarcón and has a large number of inland beaches, such as Playa del Árbol or Playa Olivares, ideal spots for water sports. The river Júcar is also an ideal fishing spot. If you're more of a hiking enthusiast, you can't miss out on the sights along the Hoz de Alarcón route.


    If you prefer wine tourism, you can visit the wineries of Illana and Vitis Natura, which are less than an hour's drive away.


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