2014's top 10 Paradores chosen by travelers
15 de October 2014


Each year, users of the travel website TripAdvisor choose their favorite hotels by sharing their reviews on the site. And each year, TripAdvisor selects the 10 best Paradores based on the opinions and experiences of these travelers. To celebrate this recognition, take advantage of a special offer: visit these Paradores from €40 p.p. when you stay a minimum of two consecutive nights at the same Parador. Travel dates must be between October 16 and December 29, 2014 (inclusive).

oferta Paradores hoteles mejor valorados por viajeros

Which Paradores are this year's best? Want to know which destinations are the favorites among users?

Make a note of the 10 Paradores that received the best ratings from users of the site. They come highly recommended, delightful hotels where we will look after you the way only Paradores knows how. They are the ones that have received the best ratings of all the hotels in your area!

Let's get started on this tour of the 10 best! Our travelers' 10 most recommended Paradores will take you to virtually every corner of Spain.

This modern Parador offers the best views of Lorca, as well as a spa and one-of-a-kind terrace. According to the reviews of guests who have stayed with us, the Parador de Lorca is a "spectacular Parador, with wonderful service." "The rooms are spacious and comfortable" and the "location is unbeatable." "You don't need to go far to visit wonderful sights, including Lorca Castle and the ruins of the synagogue."

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Parador de Lorca

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A designer hotel just minutes from Madrid, perfect for cultural getaways and company events when you're looking for personalized service and state-of-the-art facilities. Our guests describe it as an "amazing Parador, with a surprising blend of styles. An excellent location, just a short, lovely stroll from the leisure/shopping area in the historic town center." "I was amazed at how modern the refurbishment was and the Parador's distinctive architecture." "Unbeatable breakfast."

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 Parador de Alcalá de Henares

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The former San Pedro de Villanueva Monastery is now a Parador, allowing guests to enjoy a place to "get away and relax" and sample the "five-star cuisine." "Don't miss the guided tour" and the "exquisite service provided by true professionals."

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 Parador de Cangas de Onís

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Completely surrounded by nature, this former 6th- and 7th-century monastery is home to a Parador situated in a perfect place for guests to explore the heart of the Ribeira Sacra region. "It has three amazing cloisters" located in an extraordinary spot and a unique building, "one of the Paradores with the most works of art on its walls." "A night visit is highly recommended" and "the spa is wonderful."

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 Parador de Santo Estevo

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The Parador with views of Santiago Cathedral is one of the most popular travel destinations for exploring the city, a museum in itself and a place that is part of the history of the pilgrimage to Compostela. "Spectacular place, this hotel is well worth a visit, this place is amazing." "The breakfast buffet is quite varied and delicious." "Majestic," "every corner of this Parador is filled with history."

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 Parador de Santiago de Compostela

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This 15th-century former monastery is located in the center of Plasencia, just minutes from all the must-see places of interest in the city. Travelers who have stayed with us at this high quality tourism destination describe it as a "magnificent building, the magnificently preserved Sto. Domingo Monastery." "From the time you arrive until you finish your stay at this Parador, you will feel that the staff have all joined forces to make everything enjoyable for you." "Don't skip a visit to the evening bar for a drink.
They make an amazing gin tonic."

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 Parador de Plasencia

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An ancient medieval castle from which to admire the infinite views this spectacular location offers. It has a ghost, but few visitors have been fortunate enough to encounter it, if we can judge from remarks left by our guests: "The restaurant offers excellent quality and the service provided by the staff is unbeatable." "If this place is magical, legend and all, it is even more so
at night, when you can feel its presence."

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 Parador de Cardona

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Located on Monterreal Peninsula with a view of the Cíes Islands, this Parador is a must-see for anyone visiting Baiona. Guests can enjoy the magnificent panoramic views and the experience of strolling through this ancient fortress. "Wonderful walled castle in a spectacular spot," "an exceptional location overlooking the sea with views of the Cíes Islands."

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 Parador de Baiona

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This spectacular 14th-century Arab fortress towers over the town, with incredible views of the countryside. It is the perfect location for travelers looking for a getaway at a hotel with a long history, where they can explore the region, which offers any number of interesting spots to visit. After a stay at Carmona, users remark that: "I recommend spending a couple of nights at this Parador, because of its restaurant, relaxed surroundings, friendly staff and facilities." There is also the "varied breakfast with fresh juice, good bread and local charcuterie." "The portions were abundant and the menu featured traditional dishes from the local cuisine (which we appreciated and which were also delicious)."

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 Parador de Carmona

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A hotel to enjoy any time of year. The garden has views of Burriana Beach and direct access to the beach for peace and guaranteed relaxation. While staying at the hotel, you can plan a visit to Nerja Cave or explore the Axarquía region. "The à la carte food was wonderful and the breakfast was spectacular." "The Parador is in an excellent location in the city, with elevator access to the beach. Wonderful." "Well-maintained gardens and truly peaceful surroundings."

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 Parador de Nerja

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