• Parador de Oropesa

Mountain biking route through Gredos and La Vera

Route of 3 nights

Paradores on the Route

  1. Parador de Oropesa
  2. Parador de Gredos
  3. Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera

Imagine riding your bike through gorges, oak and  chestnut groves and across meadows. Paradores suggests three destinations in three days so you don't stop cycling. An enjoyable mountain bike route through the natural paradise that made an emperor fall in love.  The variety of landscapes offered by these vast territories form part of these cycling routes that take you to areas so surprising and of such great scenic beauty that you won't forget them...


Route available until December 2022 (included).

This route starts on Sunday

Day 1

Parador de Oropesa

Parador de Oropesa

Pza. Palacio, 1, 45560, Oropesa

+34 925430000

[email protected]


The first stop on our route is the medieval village of Oropesa, located between the Sierra de Gredos and Extremadura. Oropesa’s hallmark is its castle. A medieval fortress overlooking the mountains, visible from the road and declared a historic-artistic monument. It is formed by two castles, the New Castle or Palace of the Counts of Oropesa, today converted into a Parador; and the Old Castle, the oldest construction, with its impressive keep topped with four defensive sentry boxes and a striking parade ground, from which a stairway adjacent to the wall climbs up to the tower. From Oropesa there are several trails leading to the surrounding villages, ideal for mountain biking. Routes that follow the royal road to Guadalupe or take you to the Roman bridge of Navalcán. Trails that go deep into La Vera, hinting at the landscapes in the next stages of our trip. Routes and trails, of medium difficulty or more physically demanding, and highly adaptable to each individual’s level of fitness. To recharge your batteries, we recommend you stop by our restaurant and try the excellent kid goat or lamb, migas del Arañuelo (breadcrumbs) or the stewed partridge. Accompany your meal with Manchego cheese and the famous marzipan from Toledo or cortadillos from Cazalegas. The surrounding area has many local places to eat, loved by all cyclists, or recover strength on your return with the magnificent Castilian cuisine of the Parador.

Day 2

Parador de Gredos

Parador de Gredos

AV-941, km. 10, 05635 , Navarredonda de Gredos

+34 920348048

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From the province of Toledo we move on to the province of Ávila. Our second stop takes us to the Parador de Gredos. A special place because it was the first in the network, opened by King Alfonso XIII in 1928; but above all because of the spectacular views of the Sierra de Gredos from its terraces. Located in the heart of the mountains, the Parador is the ideal destination for nature lovers and active tourism. The mountain geography is a real challenge for cyclists. The climb to the passes of the Macizo Oriental runs through pine forests, impressive scenery and along part of a Roman road. Mountain biking or road biking routes, as the vastness of the area allows for both disciplines. At the Parador you can recharge your batteries with comforting stews, including the famous Barco beans, and other recipes such as the typical Gredos trout and fresh beef from the fields of Castile and León. The best part of the day will undoubtedly be the gastronomic experience provided by the Gredos cuisine.

Day 3

Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera

Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera

Avda. García Prieto, 1, 10450, Jarandilla de la Vera

+34 927560117

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Bordering the Sierra de Gredos and crossing into Extremadura we reach our third stop: Jarandilla de la Vera. The place that enchanted Emperor Charles V, who chose the old castle-palace of the Counts of Oropesa in Jarandilla to rest. There are up to 46 natural gorges in the surrounding area, including the Garganta del Jaranda and the Garganta del Infierno Nature Reserve, the best known. La Vera has dozens of routes through gorges, oak and chestnut groves, pastures and pine forests. Some lead to towns such as Cuacos de Yuste, Garganta de la Olla, declared a site of historic and artistic importance, or Guijo de Santa Bárbara. There is a huge variety of routes starting from Jarandilla de la Vera. Do not miss cycling through the historic centre, past the churches, the fortress of Nuestra Señora de la Torre and the medieval bridges that link up with the best routes through the diverse landscape and extensive pine forests. Finally, the best cuisine of the area awaits you, as always, at the Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera, where you can sample typical dishes of the area, including migas extremeñas, patatas revolconas, tomato soup, cuchifrito, caldereta or repápalos with milk and cinnamon.