A weekend in Manzanares
11 de February 2016

Are you planning to go on a weekend-getaway to Spain soon? You may not have thought of going to the village of Manzanares, have you? It is a village located in the province of Ciudad Real and we have there our Parador de Manzanares, for you to enjoy your stay in the village. Shall we tell you more about it?

Manzanares is one of the most important villages of its region. It belongs to Castilla La Mancha, and its location is around 50 kilometres far from Ciudad Real and 170 kilometres far from Madrid. Historically, this location let Manzanares be one of the most important communication crossing points in the country.


Parador de Manzanares


What should you visit during your weekend - getaway in Manzanares?

The Iglesia de la Asunción. Even if there are more than one churches in the village, this oen is the most important one. It was built in between the XIV and XV centuries and it is located in Manzanares Main Square. It suffered from fire attacks, and so it had to be restored several times, the last one in the year 1985. However, that was not an inconvenience to declare this church a Monument of Cultural Interest.

Other buildings that deserves a visit are the Ermita de San Blas and the Ermita de San Antón, that together with the City Hall of Manzanares and the Iglesia de la Asunción are considered an interesting architectonic complex in the village of Manzanares. Do you know what? Our Parador de Manzanares is located so close to them.

The Gran Teatro (Grand Theatre) is another interesting place to go. It is a classic-Baroque building that has been restored and now it is used as the Cultural Centre of Manzanares. It is considered a building of historic and artistic interest. Are you going to miss it?


Parador de Manzanares


Walking around Manzanares means getting deep into Castilla La Mancha tradition. You will also walk round the Castle of Pilas Bonas' façade, a medieval building from the XIII century built by the Order of Calatrava and considered the symbol of the village.

Another place you cannot miss is the Museum of Cheese and Art Collection in Manzanares. If you are a cheese-lover and you are interested in its history and characteristics, this is your place. The region of La Mancha is one of the most famous regions in Spain for its cheese: Manchego cheese. Enjoy its different rooms, wine cellars, storage rooms and walking areas around it and learn a lot about cheese faculties. This museum opens every day except for Mondays. The entrance is free, but you can choose the option of free entrance plus a manchego cheese sample for which you will pay 1 euro. You can also organise guided visits in advance if you wish. You can check all this information here.

Our Parador de Manzanares will be part of the charm of your visit. After walking around the village, you will be looking forward to resting here. This hotel is placed in a traditional house from La Mancha. The gardens that surround it enhance the beauty of the environment, with colourful plants inviting you to enjoy a peaceful time. You shouldn't miss the opportunity of trying the best traditional cuisine at the hotel's restaurant. Delicious!

Do not think it twice and book now at the Parador de Manzanares! 


Parador de Manzanares

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