Valles de la Marina Alta, Magical Landscapes near Parador de Jávea
21 de April 2016

Are you those kind of people who like both, mountain and beach getaways? Come to the Parador de Jávea and check out these trips you can make to some of the most wonderful valleys of the region located next to the Costa Blanca in the Mediterranean coast, while enjoying some time at this pleasant luxury hotel next to the sea!

Parador de Jávea

Parador de Jávea

The north of the province of Alicante has a complicated and varied geography that combines mountains, coasts and valleys. There is so much beauty to be explored in the Marina Alta region. This region has interior landscapes where farming activities take place and it is perfect to enjoy some rural tourism in Spain. Inside this area, we find the sub-region of the Rego Valleys. Let's discover them!

Gallinera Valley

Taking CV-700 for 47 kilometres to the west from the Parador de Jávea, you will get to the Gallinera Valley. It is a land of cherries, almonds and olive oil. There are eight urban nucleuses there, most of them dedicated to farming activities. You can make a route around these beautiful villages, each of them with a unique style. The Gallinera Valley is the biggest of all the valleys in the region and its natural fountains are the major attraction. The beauty of this valley enhances when the cherry-trees are blooming. So lovely!

Alcalá Valley

On the same road but 55 kilometres away from the Parador de Jávea, the Alcalá Valley emerges. It used to be an important Arabic spot, as it was the fief capital of the Arabic leader Al-Azraq. There are a variety of nice routes around the valley that will let you discover the historic past, caves and nature landscapes of this valley.

Ebo Valley

The third beautiful valley to explore is the Ebo Valley. They way to get there is by taking from the Parador de Jávea the road CV-700. It is a magical place where the Ebo River goes into the mountains and creates the Barranco del Infierno (Hell's Cliff), an awesome natural formation. In this same valley you can find the Fosca Cave, with Paleolithic and Levantine art remains. There is another cave, the Rull Cave, with such an important geologic value, near the Baroque church of San Miguel.

Parador de Jávea

Parador de Jávea


With all these valleys, you will have such a complete nature getaway. Then it comes the relax and the beach at the modern and unique Parador de Jávea, a perfect hotel for a relaxing stay surrounded by charming nature landscapes. It can be described as a garden placed next to the sea. Just lovely! Located in the north of the Costa Blanca, you can try delicious typical dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, such as tasty rice dishes (paellas) and fresh fish.

Do you want a getaway with beach and pure nature? Come to the Parador de Jávea and visit the Marina Alta Valleys. You'll want to come back.

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