Top 5 things to see in San Sebastian
27 de April 2016

Have you ever dreamed about taking long walks along the beach, having a relaxing coffee in front of the ocean and finally having dinner and spending the night in one of the most luxury hotels in the Basque Country? If your answer is yes, you have to come to San Sebastian and stay at our Parador de Hondarribia. This luxury hotel is only 2 kilometres away from the beach and 23 kilometres from the city of San Sebastian, and it will provide you the best experience you could ever ask for in the Basque Country.

San Sebastian itself is a gorgeous and elegant city. Every corner deserves to be seen, but if you are looking for the must-see, here is a list that will help you to organize your trip.


Parador de Hondarribia

  • La Bahía de la Concha

The beach of La Concha is considered the main beach of the city in San Sebastian and one of the best urban beaches in Europe. It has 1.5km of white and soft sand starting at the City Hall and all the way to Pico del Loro.  

Along the promenade of the beach, history and elegance do not go unnoticed. La Barandilla de La Concha, the area of "Los Relojes", the area of "La Perla", and the Isle of Santa Clara, are just some of the elements surrounding this beach that make it the perfect option to take a walk on winter and go for a bath on summer.

While here, don't forget to head to the west side on the beach to check El Peine del Viento, a set of sculptures made by the famous Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida.


  • Historic part of the city "Donostiarra"

San Sebastian is the perfect city to see the differences between the antique and the new architecture and lifestyle. "Donostiarra" is what the locals consider the city center and not only because is the main shopping area, but is also where most of the historic monuments were built back in the day.

The Basílica of Santa María del Coro and the Church of San Vicente are among the most attractive monuments of this area. Also, the Plaza de la Constitución is a must-stop in downtown Sebastian because this is where all the all the local fairs such as La Tamborrada (every year on January 20th)are celebrated.

Walking along the Belle Époque-style streets of the area while looking for the Cathedral of El Buen Pastor, the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the City Hall, is also mandatory while in downtown San Sebastian.

 Parador de Hondarribia


  • Mount Igeldo

Mount Igeldo is the place where you have to go if you want to enjoy the most amazing views of the Bahía de la Concha. It's located in the occidental part of the bay and the best way to get there is by taking the funicular which has been working since 1912 (the round trip ticket costs 3,15 euros for adults and 2,35 euros for kids (*) ).

The Torreon de Igeldo, also located in Mount Igeldo, was built as a lighthouse back in the XVIII century and today serves as a lookout. Don't forget to take your camera!!!!

Apart from the views, Mount Igeldo hosts an antique amusement park that is still open to public today and has many attractions for kids such as a roller coaster and trampolines.

During spring, the park opens on weekends and holidays from 11:00am to 2:00pm and from 4:00pm to 8:30pm. (*)


  • Zurriola beach

Who says surf is a California thing? Located in the neighborhood of Sagües, the beach of Zurriola represents exactly the atmosphere of this area: youth, beach and surf. If you are in the mood for trying some sports this is the beach for you, where surf is the protagonist but other sports such as volleyball and soccer are also present.

Also, if you are planning to come on summer, this beach hosts the International Jazz Festival of San Sebastian on July of every year.


  • La Tabakalera

You cannot say you went to the European Capital of Culture if you don´t go to the International Center for Contemporary Culture of San Sebastian. Tabakalera offers a wide range of cultural activities and exhibitions throughout the year.

Apart from the cultural component of this building, an interesting fact is that it used to be the snuff factory of San Sebastian for 90 years. If you try hard, you'll probably smell the snuff!


Parador de Hondarribia

When you are done exploring San Sebastian, we will be waiting for you at the Castle of Charles  V, our Parador de Hondarribia. This luxury hotel that's located only 23km away from San Sebastian, will please all your needs with its unique rooms, incredible gardens and breathtaking views from the terraces. Besides, nearby our Parador you can also enjoy the beaches and the mountains of Hondarribia, and if you are a golf lover, 2 golf courses available for you.

The best way to get from San Sebastian to our Parador de Hondarribia is by taking the GI-636 road that will take you approximately half an hour from one place to another.

What else can you ask for?


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