Three Cheese Bliss: Spanish Gastronomy in Paradores
11 de December 2013

Spain creates undeniably fantastic wine. As many connoisseurs may know, cheese is a wonderful complement to the grape drink. However, it can be a wonderful treat for any occasion. On a biscuit, smothered with jam or plain, aromatic cheese is hard to beat.

Luxury hotel chain Paradores has you covered when it comes to cheese. No matter where you are in Spain, Paradores has something mouth-watering and delicious for any occasion.

Parador Almagro

Manchego in Parador Almagro

Manchego comes from the La Mancha region of Spain. Made from the milk of Manchegan sheep, the cheese is aged from anywhere between two weeks to two years, for a wide variety of taste. The more time spent aging, the stronger the flavour.

Parador Almagro is located right in the heart of La Mancha, making it the best place to find this cheese. Sit down in the Parador restaurant to enjoy a dinner of local cuisine. Finish your meal with a glass of wine and a bite of yummy Manchego.

Cabrales in Parador Santillana

An artisanal cheese, Cabrales is typical to the rural towns of Asturias, in Northern Spain. It is generally made from unpasteurized cows' milk, but can also be blended with either sheep or goats' milk for a slightly spicier flavour. The herds are found exclusively in the Peaks of Europe, making it a truly Spanish speciality.

Very similiar to blue cheese, it is cured for up to five months in the limestone caves of the mountains near Parador Santillana Gil Blas. They sit on wooden shelves built into the rocky walls with a humidity of about 90%. This is an ideal atmosphere for the cheese to ripen and develop the characteristic deep blue veins.

Torta del Casar in Parador Cáceres

Named for the town from which it originated, Torta del Casar is a soft creamy cheese from the Extremadura region of Spain. It's protected-origin status means that it can only be made from the milk of either Merino or Entrefina sheep. It is then curdled using a coagulant from a local wild thistle, and then left to cure for at least sixty days. Locals enjoy the tasty treat by slicing off the top and scooping the soft cheese out.

Parador Cáceres specializes in local cuisine, and knows how to serve this cheese. It makes the perfect after dinner dish. So settle in and enjoy in the beautiful dining room in Parador Cáceres.

Whichever your flavour, whether it is strong, soft or sharp, Paradores has the cheese for you. With three delicious varieties to choose from, can you really have a favourite?