Things to see around the Parador de Sigüenza
01 de June 2016

Have you ever wondered how people lived in the past, the construction, the architecture, the customs and the lifestyle? Discover it in the historic village of Sigüenza in Castilla La Mancha, a mix of medieval, renaissance and baroque and neoclassic essence all in one town. This medieval town full of history is the perfect destination for a holiday to explore the traces left behind by our ancestors, and what better option to spend the night than in the amazing Parador de Sigüenza, an imposing medieval castle situated in an Arab fortress built atop a Roman settlement, the most historic, authentic and beautiful place you can imagine.


  • Castillo de Sigüenza

The construction of this castle started on 1.123 and the main function was to serve as a palace-fortress and residence of the bishops who were lords of the city for seven centuries. In the XIX century it was abandoned and in 1976 it was refurbished into what it is today, the Parador de Sigüenza. This is the ideal place if you want to admire the city from the best viewpoint you could ask for and get immersed in the history of Sigüenza.


Parador de Sigüenza


  • Catedral de Santa María de Sigüenza

Built in the XII century as a fortress for defense, this stunning monument part of the medieval monuments of Sigüenza is the first thing you want to visit in this town. The cathedral has a Romanesque and gothic style with two strong square towers and an imposing rosette.

The covers of the main façade, the pillars of the cruise and the central nave and all the lower walls of the church represent the Romanesque style. The Gothic is represented in the upper walls, the cruise, the rosettes and a part of the central nave as well.


  • Plaza Mayor

Right in front of the cathedral lays the main square or Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza, demanded by the cardinal Mendoza back in the XV century, its main function was and still is to be a place to celebrate shows and the weekly market of the village. On one side of the square there is a gallery to shelter from the rain decorated with shields, and on the other side the houses for the nobles which are Casa del Mirador and Casa de la Contaduría. In this square you will also find the Palacio de los Deanes and actual town hall.


Parador de Sigüenza


  • Casa del Doncel

A beautiful gothic style building right in the heart of the medieval town of Sigüenza, that´s Casa del Doncel. The construction of this house started in the XIII century but it was actually built throughout the XV and beginnings of the XVI centuries. This historic house has been dwelling of many important characters such as the Vazquez de Arce and the Sosa family. Both the exterior and the interior of this monument has been perfectly preserved and are worth visiting.


  • Casco histórico

Strolling through the streets of the old part of Sigüenza is as rewarding as visiting the monuments. The people, the charm, the history and the ambiance of this village will make you fall in love and not want to leave.


Parador de Sigüenza


  • Natural Park Barranco del Río Dulce

20km away from the Parador de Sigüenza, you will find the Natural Park of Barranco del Río Dulce, which allows you to have a little bit of a natural escape while on a trip filled with history. Hiking and cycling for all levels are some activities that you can do at this natural park, besides admiring beautiful landscapes and walking through varied fauna and vegetation.


Start planning your trip to the Parador de Sigüenza and enjoy a journey back in time in this medieval city filled with history and charm. After a long day of tourism, the Parador will be waiting for you to relax and enjoy the terraces, the views, luxurious and comfortable rooms and of course exquisite gastronomy traditional from the area.  


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