Spanish Beaches with the Q of Quality near Paradores luxury hotels
19 de May 2016

As you may know, Spain is well known for its beautiful beaches along the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Cantabric and the Atlantic. To award the most beautiful beaches outstanding for their prestige, differentiation, reliability, thoroughness and promotion, Spain gives them the Q of Quality. The best thing is that many of these beaches are located nearby Paradores Luxury Hotels, so you can enjoy quality beaches by staying at quality hotels.

The Q of tourist Quality is the mark that represents quality in Spanish tourism sector and it´s awarded by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality. In order to ensure the clients and visitors the best touristic experience, the establishments that have the Q of Quality have to go through a process of evaluations to ensure that their services provide quality, assurance, safety and professionalism


El Camello

El Camello is a urban beach of Santander, Cantabria located between the beaches of El Sardinero and the peninsula of La Magdalena. This beautiful beach has a long and nice promenade to take a walk and a big rock in the form of a camel, which origins the name of El Camello. The golden sand and the moderate swell make it the perfect beach to take a bath in the beautiful and elegant northern city of Santander.

Approximately 30km away from the beach of El Camello stands our Parador de Santillana del Mar and Parador de Santillana Gil Blas. Both Paradores located in the village of Santillana del Mar are great options to stay if you want to explore Santander and its beaches. It's up to you to decide if you prefer a newly constructed lovely typical house of the area like the Parador de Santillana del Mar or if you are more willing to stay in a more historic house of the VIII century in the Parador de Santillana Gil Blas. Either way, both Paradores will make your stay in Santander a unique experience.

The easiest way to get from our Paradores in Santillana del Mar to El Camello is by taking a short 30-minutes ride through the highway A-67.


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Parador de Santillana del Mar

Parador de Santillana del Mar

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El Saler

Rural surroundings, soft breeze and big extension with almost 5km of fine sand and clear water, is what you will find in the beach of El Saler in Valencia, located within the natural park of La Albufera. Thanks to the winds that blow in this area, during summer, it converts into the best place to practice windsurf and other similar sports in Valencia.

If you already decided to visit the quality beach El Saler, what better option than staying at our Parador de El Saler which is located less than 10km away from the beach? In the Parador you will be able to enjoy beautiful sea views, a golf course, a swimming pool and of course, a relaxing spa, after a long and joyful day at the beach.

To get from the Parador de El Saler to the beach El Saler it takes approximately 15 minutes through the CV-500.


Parador de El Saler

Parador de El Saler

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Playa La Misericordia

In the Costa del Sol in Málaga, you will find the urban Misericordia beach with more than 1km of dark and clean sand and blue water. The wide of the beach facilitates the practice of many beach sports and also provides a lot of space to lay beach loungers and tents to protect from the sun. The perfect beach for rest and leisure.

The Playa la Misericordia is located 3km away from our incredible Parador de Málaga Golf, the ideal place for those who love playing golf, taking walks in the beach and taking dips in the big swimming pool of the Parador.

The fastest way to get from the Parador to the Playa la Misericordia is by taking a 7-minutes' drive through the MA-20 road.


Parador de Málaga Golf

Parador de Málaga Golf

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Las Catedrales

The beach of Las Catedrales or also called Playa de Aguas Santas owes its name to the many cliffs there exist and it's considered one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. In the Galician Coast of Lugo, you will find this beautiful beach with cliffs with more than 30 meters' high that have been formed by the flow of the wind and the sea and make it a unique landscape. The best moment of this beach is when the tide is low and allows the visitors to walk through the arches of the cliffs. Don't forget to check the viewpoints located nearby the parking of this beach, from where you will catch breathtaking sunsets.

The Parador de Ribadeo, located only 13km away from the beach of Las Catedrales, is the best place to stay and explore the beaches of Lugo. Also, located in the mouth of the Eo River, the Parador offer splendid views from the terrace and the guest rooms.

Getting from the Parador de Ribadeo to the beach of Las Catedrales is as simple as taking a 10-minutes' drive through the N-642 and N-643.


Parador de Ribadeo

Parador de Ribadeo

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So are you in the mood for Quality beaches and Quality hotels? come visit us as Paradores Luxury Hotels and get to know the amazing surroundings of our coastal hotels.