A Sightseeing Route Through the History of Andalusia
25 de November 2013

If you want to learn about the different cultures that have populated Andalusia, Spain, throughout the centuries, this seven-day sightseeing route that follows the high speed train paths through five towns (Antequera, Nerja, Malaga, Carmona and Cordoba) is a fantastic option. Each day there are different elements of history to discover, and every night you will have the pleasure of staying at one of the Paradores' luxury hotels in Spain.


Day 1: Antequera

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Parador Antequera

The route begins in Antequera, in the province of Malaga. Some of the highlights of the visit are the various dolmens from the Bronze Age and the Moorish Alcazaba, located in the historic town centre. Also not to be missed is the ancient Convent of La Encarnación. Your first night's sleep will be at Parador Antequera, situated in a lovely gardened area just few minutes from the centre of town. The renovated building has all the modern comforts required for a relaxing and peaceful stay.


Day 2: Nerja

This day trip around Nerja in the province of Granada takes you through various coastal and inland towns where the splendour of its Moorish past can still be seen. At the end of the day you may rest at the splendid Parador Nerja, which is perched on a cliff overlooking the sea.

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Parador Nerja


Days 3 & 4: Malaga

The provincial capital, Malaga, is a city that is worth a two day visit. The beautiful 11th-century Alcazaba is a must-see. The cathedral and the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Victoria are also worth a visit. Those interested in fine art will also appreciate the Fine Arts Museum and the Picasso Museum. You will stay at Parador Malaga Golf, which has its own golf course, large rooms and a refreshing swimming pool.

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Parador Málaga Golf


Day 5: Carmona

Carmona, in the province of Seville, offers the traveller various monuments of great interest, from churches and palaces to old city walls. Just a few kilometres away, Seville and its key landmarks - the Real Alcázar, the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Torreo de Oro - are a priority on this route.

A monument in itself, Parador Carmona occupies a 14th century Moorish citadel where visitors will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view, gardens, patio, a swimming pool and a terrace in this luxury hotel also featuring fine classic décor and antiques.

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Parador Carmona


Days 6 & 7: Cordoba

In the last two days of the route you will discover Cordoba and its rich heritage. Amongst the many highlights are the Mosque-Cathedral, the Medina Azahara, the synagogue, the Roman bridge and the city walls. Take a wander through the backstreets and discover the city's famous patios.

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Parador Cordoba

At Parador Cordoba, a swimming pool, lush gardens and a temperature four degrees lower than in the city will help you rest and unwind after all your sightseeing.