Plans for a getaway with friends at Paradores in Spain
10 de August 2016

Are you planning a getaway to Spain with your friends? Check out this fun and cool plans to do nearby Paradores Luxury Hotels and make the most out of your holidays. Whether you prefer a beach or a city plan and a relaxed or an agitated vacation, you will find everything you want at Paradores. Read this, talk to your friends and plan your desired getaway, the most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy!


Wine tasting at the Argómaniz

Imagine a getaway with your friends to a small town just a few kilometers away from Vitoria in the Basque County, where wine is the protagonist and visiting wineries and wine yards is a popular activity. Do you desire this plan? Well you can have it at the Parador de Argómaniz, in the village with the same name located in the province of Álava.

The Parador de Argómaniz is housed in a Renaissance palace with views of the Álava plain, Sierra de Gorbea mountains and Ulibarri Gamboa Reservoir, just stunning. Relaxing in the terrace of the hotel, tasting the exquisite gastronomy of the restaurant and exploring Argomaniz are some things to do here.

Gastronomy, relaxation and wine tourism in Argómaniz make this a great place to visit with friends and relax, have fun and discover this area of the Basque Country. While here you cannot miss to visit Vitoria which is only 15km away from the Parador, and walk along the green belt that surrounds the city and offers incredible views.

For the wine tourism, head to Laguardia and discover the many wine yards and wineries there are for you to discover the process of making of the wine and taste the wines of the Rioja Alavesa region.

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 Parador de Argomániz


Cañas and Tapas at Salamanca

As you may have heard, Salamanca is the student city of Spain by excellence. In here, life, things to do and fun activities will never be missing. Besides, Salamanca is an extraordinary World Heritage City of Castile and León that apart from fun, has a very rich cultural and historic heritage that you definitely have to visit. While here you cannot miss to visit the two cathedrals, the Plaza Mayor, the University of Salamanca, the public Library, the Roman Brige and other must-see sights.

Salamanca is also well known for their cañas and tapas served at most bars in the city. The caña is a glass of beer that usually comes with a cheap or even free tapa, which is a portion of some typical Spanish food. Going out at night for cañas and tapas is a really common plan in Spain and you cannot leave without doing it. Everywhere you go, you will find cañas and tapas but there are two special spots for this plan in this city, the Van Dyck Street and the area around the Plaza Mayor, where there are many bars and great ambiance. We specially recommend the "huevos rotos" which are fried potatoes with fried eggs and Spanish ham or sausage and the "patatas bravas", French fries with spicy sauce, but there are many options to choose.

Don't hesitate, come to the Parador de Salamanca, where history and luxury collide and have fun while doing tourism, relaxing and eating great food.

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 Parador de Salamanca


Nature-bonding getaway at Mazagón

Right in the beautiful Doñana Park and overlooking the ocean stands the stunning Parador de Mazagón, an ideal spot for a getaway of nature-bonding and enjoying the beach with friends. There are many things to do around this area and fun is guaranteed in and outside the hotel.

The Parador de Mazagón offers many swimming pools, a charming garden, a gym, wellness area and many other facilities you can to make the most out of your trip, relax and enjoy. Also, with comfortable guest rooms with balconies and exquisite gastronomy served at the restaurant with local products from sea and land, you will feel totally pleased.

Mazagón is the area in the province of Huelva in Andalusia where beaches, nature, green landscapes, wineries, golf, cuisine and great ambiance merge creating a perfect vacation destination. Spend the day exploring the Doñana National Park and enjoying the beach and the facilities of the hotel. Don´t miss to admire the beautiful sunsets and to taste the exquisite gastronomy of the Parador restaurant.

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 Parador de Mazagón


Get immersed in culture in Spain

If what you and your friends are looking for is doing tourism and visiting some of the most famous museums in Spain, then Málaga and Madrid are the ideal destination to get immersed in culture by visiting the many different museums that this 2 cities host.

In Madrid, the Parador de Alcalá de Henares will host you in a modern building with a spa, pool and of course, a great restaurant. In here, we recommend that you explore Alcalá de Henares, the birthplace of Cervantes, and a place with a lot of history of culture. Also, head to the center of Madrid, to which you can get by car or by taking the line C-2 of the Cercanias Train, and visit the museums you want. The most famous include the Prado Museum, the Museum Reina Sofia, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and many others.

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 Parador de Alcalá de Henares


In Málaga, you will have the chance to get to know the city of the museums in the south of Spain while exploring this beautiful coastal city of Andalusia. The Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro, built right next to Gibralfaro Castle, is the ideal place to stay and explore Malaga. Don´t miss to visit the Museum Picasso, the Pompidou Centre, the Museum of the Municipal Patrimony of Malaga, the Museum of Contemporary Art and many others.

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 Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro


What do you think? Talk to your Friends and take the initiative to plan an ideal trip to Spain to the place you prefer and the plan of your choice. Whatever you choose, at Paradores we will make sure that you have an awesome time!