The Parador de Tui and its nearby villages
29 de July 2016

Right in the spot where Galicia meets Portugal, lays the stunning Parador de Tui, housed in a Galician country house in a mountainous river environment in the Baixo Miño district. The many fun and different things to do around this luxurious hotel are reason enough to come visit it and enjoy outdoor activities, exploring Tui and its natural surroundings and discovering some of the nearby charming villages like Oia, O Rosal and Valença do Minho. Besides, with big and comfortable guest rooms, a swimming pool, a large garden and exquisite gastronomy, you won´t miss anything at the Parador de Tui.


Parador de Tui



Tui is one charming village in the province of Pontevedra in Galicia that offers the possibility of doing historical tourism, enjoying nature, tasting delicious typical gastronomy and relaxing. The Parador de Tui is the perfect place from where to stroll along the streets of the old quarter of the village and visit its interesting sights such as the beautiful Santa María Cathedral, the only cathedral in the province of Pontevedra, the Santo Domingo Church, the San Telmo Church and others.

Besides the historic tourism, only 5 kilometers away from Tui you will find the Monte Aloia Nature Reserve,a natural paradise for peace and relaxation. The first stop here would be the park´s interpretive center which is housed in an original forest house and is the place where you´ll get all the necessary information to discover the park. While in this park, don´t miss to visit the La Cruz viewpoint, San Xiao Chapel and the "Bed of St. Julian". Apart from the Monte Aloia, the Miño river is also a natural protagonist in the village of Tui, walking along the river and stopping every once in a while to admire the views is an ideal plan.


Parador de Tui



40km away from the Parador de Tui you will find the charming small village of Oia, right in the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Oia is the perfect combination of mountain and sea within a stunning natural Galician landscape, green, water and more green, just beautiful! In here, paying a visit to the Cisterian Monastery of Santa María, admiring the views from the viewpoint of A Riña and tasting the typical seafood dishes are some of the mandatory things to do in Oia.


O Rosal

O Rosal is another Galician village that houses many vineyards where the prestigious wines of the Rías Baixas designation of origin are created. This village located 25km away from the Parador de Tui and which is easily accessible by taking a 30 minutes' drive through the PO-552 and CG-42 is an ideal spot for a daytrip from Tui. Visiting the Church of Santa Mariña do Rosal and the town hall, and of course, taking the route of the Molinos do Picón e do Folón with approximately 70 mills in the mountains of O Rosal, are some of the things that you can´t miss in O Rosal. If you do the route of the mills and the weather is warm, take advantage and take a refreshing dip in the Pozas do Cal, natural pools with small cascades.


Parador de Tui


Valença do Minho

Right on the other side of the Minho River from Tui stands Valença do Minho, a walled Portuguese town worth visiting. This village is located only 2km away from de Parador de Tui and can be easily accessed by crossing any of the 2 bridges that cross this border between Spain and Portugal. Talking a walk around the streets of Valença do Minho, admiring the houses with tales and taking advantage of all the spots to buy home clothe like sheets, towels and others, will allow you to get immersed in the essence and history of these Portuguese village that borders with Spain.


Parador de Tui 


Are you ready to visit charming Tui and discover all the things this village and its nearby villages have to offer? The don´t hesitate and book now at the Parador de Tui, the ideal spot from where to explore this area of Spain. The ideal plan!


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