Olive oil, a precious Spanish delicatessen
20 de June 2016

Did you know that olive oil is a typical Spanish product produced in many parts of the country? Spain is full of olives and olive oil productions, in fact, we call it "el oro líquido" (the liquid gold). Therefore, this time we will tell you about 3 routes around this Spanish delicatessen in Jaén, Córdoba and Tortosa, some of the regions in Spain with the best olive oil production. If you are feeling like doing any of these routes and finding more about this product, come to Paradores Luxury Hotels and start doing olive oil tourism and taste some delicious samples.


Olive oil in Jaén

Jaén is the land of olive oil per excellence. In here you will have the chance to take an olive oil route, explore the olive production in Sierra Mágina and discover everything about this Spanish delicatessen in the Museum of the Olive Culture.

To get to know everything about Spanish oil, Sierra Mágina in Jaén is a great place to go. Located only 50km away from the Parador de Jaén, this mountain is a natural Park perfect for getting in touch with nature, practicing sports and obviously discovering the olive oil production of this area. In a relaxed and beautiful landscape, the color, smell and taste of this olives will delight you. Every time of the year is good to take this tour, but is mostly recommended between November and January, when there are more olives and the oil is produced.

Come to Jaén and start doing Oleotourism by visiting the many museums, doing the route of the Almazaras (oil press sites) and trying some specialized restaurants around the city. Of course, don´t forget to try the dishes that include this exquisite product at the Parador de Jaén, the perfect place from where to explore the city of Jaén and its amazing olive tradition.


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Parador de Jaén


Olive oil in Córdoba

In the southern part of Córdoba, you will find the Natural Park of Las Sierras Subbéticas, an area where exquisite extra virgin olive with warranty of quality is produced. In here, it's ideal to take the route around Fuente Tójar, Almedinilla and Priego de Córdoba, 3 areas that are part of the Protected Designation of Origin of the Priego de Córdoba, in which the quality of the product is warrantied.  

With a guided tour to the Almazara, in which you will be able to get to know the process of olive oil production, experiencing an oil tasting, and visiting to the olive grove, you will become a professional in what comes to olive oil matters.

To visit this olive area, the Parador de Córdoba, located approximately 100km away by the N-432 is a great choice to stay. The long ride to the Priego de Córdoba is well rewarded at the Parador with magnificent views, a swimming pool, spacious rooms and exquisite traditional gastronomy.


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 Parador de Córdoba


Olive oil in Tortosa

Moving up to the north, in the área of Tortosa in Tarragona, the production of olive oil is also very popular and frequent. In the Terra Alta you will find many Almazaras where to discover the process of recollection of olives and production of olive oil.  Horta de San Joan, Arnes, Bot, Caseres and Gandesa are some of the villages included in the olive route through the Terra Alta.

The great quality of this olive oil has gave Terra Alta the Protected Designation of Origin, which warranties the quality of the product.  An extra Virgin olive oil with golden color and special taste is what you will find this Northen area in Spain.

Lucky for you, the Parador de Tortosa is a great spot to stay and explore the nearby areas with olive groves and is located approximately 40km away from the Terra Alta and many of its villages. Besides discovering the olive treasure of the area, take advantage of the location of the Parador and visit the charming city of Tortosa.


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 Parador de Tortosa


After talking about olive oil you are probably craving for it, so why not star planning your trip to Spain's olive groves and discover the world behind this Spanish delicatessen?

And remember, don´t forget to try traditional dishes with olive oil at Paradores Hotels. Delicious!