New Opening: Parador Corias
10 de December 2013

It's a new day, and new Hoteles Paradores, now bringing luxury and style to the town of Corias. Keeping with the general theme of historic luxury, Parador Corias will not disappoint. Not only will the luxury hotel be located a mere two kilometres from the oldest city in Austurias ( Cangas de Narcea), but will also be taking up residence in the monastery of San Juan Bautista. This monastery is rife with history, which makes it an ideal place to relax and soak up the rich Austurian culture.

The Monastery of San Juan Bautista

The monastery was founded in the eleventh century as a donation to the Benedictine order. The modest community of twelve monks was taken over by Arias Cromaz, the first abbot of the monastery. He remained in the there for years until he left after being appointed Bishop of Oviedo. The monastery really came into its own through the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. New policies made the monastery a large and prominent piece of land in Asturias, as well as one of the greatest abbeys in Spain.

A remodel of the monastery in the late sixteenth, early seventeenth centuries lost the building much of its original Romanesque. However, even that is not the monastery we see today. Instead, we see the monastery reconstructed after a fire in the late eighteenth century. Although the fire destroyed the monastic, the library, sacristy and church were all saved. Good thing to, as the church houses Cantonada Christ, a grand Baroque mantlepiece. This mantle is considered to be one of the great examples of this style in Spain.

Although a new monastery was erected, the site was soon abandoned. In 1835, the law of confiscation of Mendizabal lead to the departure of the Benedictine order, who were replaced in 1860 by the Dominican Fathers. The site has long been a site of knowledge, as it acted as an educational venue throughout history. Now, the site will take on a more luxurious role as the youngest of Spain's Hoteles Paradores.

An Old Town for a New Hoteles Paradores

Cangas de Narcea is the oldest city in Austurias. It is a mining town, home to about 14, 000 people. However, mining is only the tip of this towns iceburg. The town is located right beside the Natural Park of Fuentes de Narcea, a large mountain range with Spains largest oak forest rolling through its hills. Make an appointment to head out into the mountains and enjoy the largest preserved mountain range in Spain. Even stay outside of the park for the day and enjoy a slew of water sports, including kayaking, rafting or salmon fishing.

Bask in the Asturian architecture and open your mouth to the tastes of the region, including the beef, the beans and, of course, the cider.

Come and explore this for the first time with Paradores, and discover what this beautiful town has to offer.