Nature Walking around Parador Sos del Rey Catolico
20 de November 2013

If you are looking for a Spanish holiday that offers the unique chance to experience nature walks in one of Spain's most beautiful forests, then Parador Sos del Rey Católico is the perfect holiday destination.

Located a mere 20 km from the medieval town, there are two breath-taking gorges within pristine nature reserves that beg to be explored. With plenty of wildlife and bird-watching opportunities, the Foz de Lumbier Gorge and Arbaiun Gorge are worth the trip.

Foz de Lumbier Gorge

The mountainous terrain of the Sierra Leyre offers 1,300 meter of nature walking. Listening to the birdsongs and watching the dragonflies hover, we see that the world is alive and blossoming. The majestic cliffs, ancient limestone walls and the powerful Irati River are filled with organisms that speak, think, and feel. The wildlife around you awakens your senses and triggers a peaceful, "all-is-right-with-the-world" feeling.

The local officials in the council for protection of birds has deemed them worthy and valuable enough to take the local birds under their protective wing.

Parador Sos del Rey Catolico

The luxury hotel is located in a medieval village, transporting you back in time. After trekking the trails, the restaurant offers delicious and fresh cuisine from the woods. Typical dishes include hearty hams and sausages, all expertly mixed with fresh spices. Washed down with a local wine, the gastronomy will nourish and refresh you after your day's walk.

Parador Sos del Rey Católico

Arbaiun Gorge

The monumental canyon of Arbaiun Gorge is engulfed by the Salazar River. A nature walk here reinforces the notion that we are embedded into the natural world, not simply witnesses to it. Walking the winding path studded with limestone and dolomite, you will encounter wild grass, generous cliffs, sunlight dancing off of every green surface, and sparkling streams. Woodland creatures accompany you along the way, and you'll catch glimpses of them working and playing along the paths.

This nature reserve has been officially protected since 1987 and is also an extension of the Sierra de Leyre-Foz de Arbaiun Special Protection Area for Birds.

Nature walking is an intimate ritual that teaches us to fully understand ourselves as social creatures in the natural world. It is part of our evolutionary legacy, and can be found in the rich landscape and history of Aragon and Navarre! A nature walk with Parador reinforces our deep historical connection with the wild symphony of nature.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of unbridled wilderness. Wonder, explore, feel, experience and nature walk at Parador Sos del Rey Catolico!