From Madrid Airport to Parador de Chinchón
30 de September 2015

If you are planning to visit Madrid and stay at our Parador de Chinchón, we want to make your arrival as easy as possible for you not to get lost. Madrid Airport, known as Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, is around 55 kilometres away from Parador de Chinchón. Do you want to know the different options for you to get from one place to another? Let's check them out!

Parador de Chinchón

Parador de Chinchón

In case you want to go on public transport, there are three options:

  • Taking the Metro line 8 from Aeropuerto T1, T2, T3 to Nuevos Ministerios. That will be 5 stops in 17 minutes. Then change to the Cercanías train line C-3 to Aranjuez. You will get off at Ciempozuelos stop, which is after 10 stops and it will take you around 45 minutes. From there to Chinchón you will have to take a taxi for 20 kilometres, which will cost you around 25€. In total, it will take you around 1 hour and a half.


  • Another option would be taking the Cercanías Train Line C-1 from Aeropuerto T-4 to Príncipe Pío. You will get off at Atocha train station, which means 5 stops in 27 minutes. Then, as in the previous option, you take the C-3 line to Aranjuez and get off at Ciempozuelos and take a taxi. That will take you a bit longer in time, almost 2 hours.


  • The last option would be taking the bus number 203 to Atocha Renfe, which will be done in 35 min. Then you walk to Atocha train station and, again take the C-3 line to Aranjuez, get off at Ciempozuelos and then, the taxi. It will also take you around 2 hours.


You can always decide to go by car. It is shorter and more comfortable but at the same time it can be more expensive. At the airport you have plenty of options to rent cars, which will give you quite more freedom of movement around the area of Chinchón and Madrid. The cheapest you can find at the Airport would be around 20€, whereas the most expensive price is near 75€.

The way to get to the Parador de Chinchón is the following:

  • Going through the A-3 road and take the exit to the M-311 road until Calle de los Huertos in Chinchón, where the Parador de Chinchón is.

Another other option is taking a taxi. The price of it will depend on several things. For example, it is usually more expensive if it's at night as well as if it on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year Eve or New Year Day. Taxis in Spain have a starting price at 2'40€. The total price you will have to pay from Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid - Barajas to Parador de Chinchón will be around 65€, plus a possible supplement because of having been picked up from the Airport.

Parador de Chinchón

Parador de Chinchón

Once you get to Parador de Chinchón, it is your time to start enjoying a great experience inside it and around the surroundings of this wonderful hotel, check out the village, walk around the gardens of the Parador de Chinchón and try the best cuisine from Madrid ever! 

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