Luxury hotels in the coasts of Spain
15 de June 2016

In Spain, as lucky as we are, we have a really long coast with many stunning beaches in the north, the east and the south of the country. Of course, every coast in Spain is different because of their weather, the surroundings and the essence of the part of Spain where they are located. Urban, semiurban and virgin beaches, with white sand or rocks, cold or warm water... we have everything and of course, we also have Paradores Luxury Hotels in every coast in Spain so you can enjoy with all the commodities and comfort you desire.


  • Coast of Galicia

The Peninsunlar coast of Galicia expands through the regions of La Coruña, Lugo and Pontevedra. With more than 1.000km of coast and many beaches, Galicia is a perfect summer destination with refreshing chilled water and exquisite seafood. The Parador de Baiona, located in Pontevedra is the perfect spot from where to explore the coast of Galicia and also take a trip to the Cíes Island, a virgin paradise.

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Parador de Baiona


  • Coast of Asturias

345km of coast in Asturias will give yout the chance to enjoy many diverse beaches and beautiful landscapes. Long and small, urban or rural, perfect for surf, beaches for fishing and many others are what you will find in the coast of Asturias. The Parador de Gijón, located in Isabel la Católica Park and facing the sea, is the perfect place to get to know both the city of Gijón and the coast of Asturias.

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Parador de Gijón


  • Coast of Cantabria

In the coast of Cantabria you will find many beautiful and quality beaches all the way from the west to the east of the region and also an important historic and monumental patrimony. Cantabria is the perfect example of the combination between nature and history and you can get to know this particular region by staying at the charming Parador de Santillana del Mar in Cantabria, which is located close to Santander and the coast.

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Parador de Santillana del Mar


  • Coast of the Basque Country

Known as the region with beautiful beaches in elegant environments and perfect beaches for surfing, the coast of the Basque Country is great for every activity you want to do, whether it is taking a walk through the promenade, sunbathing, surfing or just relaxing. The Parador de Hondarribia, located in the sea village with the same name, is the perfect spot in the Basque Country to enjoy both the city life of the area and the coast.

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Parador de Hondarribia


  • Costa del Sol

As one of the most popular coasts in Spain, this coast in Andalusia is just amazing. From Málaga to the western part of Cádiz, the average annual temperature is 19ºC, which means that you will have good weather to enjoy the coast almost all year long. The Parador de Málaga Golf, with a direct access to the beach is the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway with sun, beach and golf.

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Parador de Málaga Golf


  • Costa Blanca

In the heart of the Mediterranean, the Costa Blanca that covers the coast of Alicante is probably one of the most touristic spots in Spain. In here, you will find Jávea, the pearl of the Costa Blanca with many beautiful beaches and mountains, varied landscapes, and the stunning Parador de Jávea, right in front of the water.

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Parador de Jávea


  • Costa Brava

This northern Mediterranean coast covers a total of 214km of beaches in Cataluña, mainly Gerona. Rocky and with many mountains, you will find many popular and hidden beaches and some stunning landscapes. The Parador de Aiguablava is located in a truly spectacular spot overlooking the sea and is the perfect place to rest after exploring the area.

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Parador de Aiguablava


Exploring the coast of Spain by staying at Paradores Luxury Hotels will be an unforgettable experience, can you imagine it? Beach, nature, tourism and high-class comfort.

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