Let's Go on the Route of the Miradores in Jávea
02 de May 2016

Located in the northern part of Alicante, the village of Jávea appears. It is a coast village next to the Mediterranean Sea with so many beautiful sites to explore. The Parador de Jávea is the best option for your stay in this great village, and the Route of the Miradores is the best tour you can make to discover the beauty of Jávea from different viewpoints! A total of 15 vantage points set this route. Let's take the car go for it!

Els Molins

The Route starts on this vantage point called Els Molins. You can see some windmills from the XIV and XVIII centuries that were used for milling wheat and cereals in the past. On the back, the Sierra de Bernia emerges together with the whole Jávea Bay.

Cap de Sant Antoni

The second stop is the Cap de Sant Antoni, 160 metres that are considered to be an extension of the Montgó Mount. This cape separates the villages of Denia and Jávea and from there you can admire the whole bay where the next viewpoints are.

Punta del Arenal

This spot offers awesome views of the port and the Arenal Beach which is right down there and it is the only beach with soft sand of the area. From here the Parador de Jávea and the Montgó Mount can be perfectly seen.

Parador de Jávea

Sequía de la Noria

Getting a bit more in the south you will get to the next spot. It is a nice beach place with interesting rock formations caused by the sea erosion and little beach houses.

Cala Blanca

This viewpoint is located in La Caleta. Its name comes from the white walls of the mountain that surrounds this cove. There is a stepping stone from where enjoy some nice jumps to the sea!


The end of the Jávea Bay arrives at this point from where El Francés cove and La Sardinera cove, together with some little ones can be admired. Some of them can only be reached by boat. Tranquillity, pureness, and impressive rocky landscapes invade this spot.


After a zigzag road, the next viewpoint called Portixol is found. Here there is the sculptre of the Portixol Cross. In front, the Portizol island emerges in the middle of the sea. There are several routes that go from here to different coves after really nice walkways.


Taking the road to Cap de la Nao, there is this must stop: L'Illa. It is located in the south of the Portixol cove and some of the nicest views of the bay can be admired from here: different blue colours on the water creating an idyllic image. It is a perfect place for diving!

Le Falzia

From here, great views of the whole Portixol Bay with all the pine trees in the surroundings, the cliffs and some islets in the background can be peacefully enjoyed.

Parador de Jávea

Cap Negre

One of the most impressive and outstanding viewpoints is this one. You'll have views of the Cap de Prim, Cap de San Antoni and of the Portixol island. It is a perfect spot for taking a relaxing break and let the imagination flow!

Cap de la Nao

This is the 4th cape of the region of Jávea and it is also the closet spot to Ibiza. In between beautiful vegetation, there is the Lighthouse of La Nao, that used to be so important for the ships in the past and nowadays is still in use.


The name of this site comes from the fishing tradition on the cliffs that can be found there. It has an awesome geography full of interesting formations and from where you can delight in the views of El Descubridor Island.


From this gorgeous viewpoint, you can go down to the nice Llop de Marí cove, a nice beach where to take a peaceful bath in crystalline waters.

Castell de la Granadella

Again, some views of El Descubridor island can be seen from here. The Castell de la Granadella used to be an important little defence fortress there. On top of this place, there is an old tower from the XVI century. So nice!


The last stop is the Granadella, a forestall park full of lush forests and beautiful nature surroundings. It is perfect for walking around and admire the beauty that invades this site before going back to the Parador de Jávea.

 Parador de Jávea

What can be better than deeply exploring the beauty and secrets of the village and region of Jávea than staying at the Parador de Jávea and going on this amazing Route of the Miradores? You won't know which of all these magical spots to choose! Moreover, our Parador de Jávea is one of the fanciest and most charming hotels you will ever find. It is like an authentic garden next to the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy modernity, comfort, beauty and awesome views in this Mediterranean paradise!  

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