Let's escape to the beautiful village of Ciudad Rodrigo
29 de February 2016
Let's transport ourselves to Castile and León once again. This time, we will take you to a beautiful medieval village located so close to the Spanish neighbour country, Portugal. This village is located in the province of Salamanca and has pure Castilian essence. Up in the plain of the Águeda River we find a majestic building, the Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo. Yes, the village we are talking about is the one that gives its name to our Parador: Ciudad Rodrigo.
The village of Ciudad Rodrigo is considered one of the most important urban nucleus of the region. It is known for being a Noble, Ancient and Leal village. Majesty is one of the words that could perfectly describe it. It has a 2 kilometres long Wall that used to protect it from the outsiders. You can enter Ciudad Rodrigo through 6 of its entrances known as doors: La Colada, which goes directly to the river, El Sol, which will take you to the Main Square, Santiago, El Conde, Amayuelas, Santa Cruz and San Vicente.
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Once you are inside the village you will be delighted by its medieval spirit. Stones are all over the place, giving the streets and buildings a special charm and becoming Ciudad Rodrigo an authentic architectonic jewel.
The first thing you cannot miss is the Santa María Cathedral, the most emblematic building of the place. It was built in between the XIII and XIV centuries and it has been declared National Monument as well as Site of Cultural Interest. The building has a Romanesque style in transition to a Gothic one. The majestic cloister from the XVI century is probably one of the most impressive and beautiful areas of the cathedral. You can visit this temple from Tuesday to Sunday. The general ticket is 3 €, but you can entre it free on Sundays after 4pm. (*)
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Walking down the streets you will get to the Main Square of Ciudad Rodrigo, where the building from the XVI century that hosts now the City Halls awaits you, together with beautiful historic buildings. The Main Square is the real historic centre and heart of the village where social life gets its maximum meaning.
The Palace of Montarco is another place you should check. It is a National Monument, a building from the XV-XVI centuries that has been under the power of different owners and it is located at the Plaza del Conde. Its Gothic details give the palace a unique charm.
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Views from the Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Last, but not least, we should talk about the Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo. It is another emblematic building of the city. It is a Castle from the XIV century located right on top of the plain that stays over the Áqueda River, from where you can delight in the impressive views of the Campo Charro. Stay at this beautiful luxurious hotel with elegant rooms and the tastiest traditional gastronomy of the region.
Let's get immersed in beauty, medieval spirit and great nature!

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How to get to the Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo:

  • Closest airport:

Aeropuerto de Salamanca / Matacán (100 km on A-62 road)

  • By car: 

From Salamanca: Take the A-62 road for 89 kilometres.

From Portugal: Ciudad Rodrigo is connected to Portugal by the E-80 road (28 km)

(*) Ticket prices and timetables may vary.