La Granja and Tordesillas, Royal Sites to visit in Spain
12 de August 2016

Do you want to explore the Royal Sites in Spain?  La Granja and Tordesillas are 2 ideal destinations to get immersed in history and nature in Spain. Discover the attractive destinations of this spots in Spain and get to know the history of it. Lucky for you, there are Paradores Luxury Hotels in these 2 villages so you can stay at beautiful hotels while doing tourism on beautiful towns.


La Granja de San Ildefonso

La Granja of San Ildefonso is a village part of the province of Segovia in Castile and León and a Royal Site in Spain by excellence. In here, nature and history converge creating this a must visit village where a great time and memories are guaranteed. This Royal Site is located in the province of Segovia, approximately 90km away from Madrid and 13km away from the city of Segovia.

La Granja is specially known for the beautiful Royal Palace that is located there. Walking through the paths of the Versailles-style gardens and fountains of the Royal Palace and taking the inside tour of this beautiful building is mandatory while here to get immersed in the royal essence of the village. Also, you can´t miss to visit the Royal Glass Factory, where you will have the chance to get to know the process of making of glass art and admire some beautiful pieces of it.

The Parador de La Granja is just stunning. It is housed in the Casa de los Infantes (House of the Infants) dated from the 18th century and it is the ideal place to stay and discover La Granja and its many monuments and sights. Don´t miss the chance to enjoy the amazing Spa of the hotel and relax after doing tourism, so relaxing!


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Parador de La Granja



Continuing in Castile and León, let´s move to the province of Valladolid, where in the charming village of Tordesillas, a stunning Parador awaits you. Located in an ancestral home in the shelter of a dense pine wood, the Parador de Tordesillas will allow you to get immersed in relaxation in a peaceful ambiance and the spa, and to discover this historic and royal village.

You cannot leave Tordesillas without visiting the Museo de Tratado de Tordesillas (Museum of the Treaty of Tordesillas), which features the treaty diving the lands of the Americas between Spain and Portugal. Also, the Plaza Mayor bridge, the Royal Monastery of Clara and the many churches are must-visits in Tordesillas.

Also, Tordesillas is a perfect place to get to know the Spanish Wine. Being near to four of the most important designations of origin in Spain, you can take advantage and visit a winery and taste exquisite wines.


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 Parador de Tordesillas


So, what do you think about travelling to Spain and visiting La Granja and Tordesillas? Three Royal Sites filled with elegance, history, nature and of course, 2 luxurious hotels that will make your vacation unforgettable.