Historic tour around Trujillo, a city of Extremadura
15 de August 2016

Trujillo is not exactly one of the most touristic spots in Spain, but it should definitely be one of them. This historic city has so much to offer that while here you won´t get time to get bored. Visiting the historic, religious and cultural monuments and enjoying the stunning Parador de Trujillo will make your trip to Spain unforgettable.

 The Parador de Trujillo is housed in the former convent of Santa Clara and it offers a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Only by entering to this hotel you will start admiring the proofs of the Renaissance in the arches and columns of one of the cloisters. Besides, the Parador features beautiful and elegant guest rooms, a seasonal swimming pool, a great terrace and garden to chill in the cloisters and a restaurant that serves exquisite typical food. What else could you ask for?


 Parador de Trujillo


Old Town Trujillo

While walking around the streets of Trujillo, there are many things to see and do. Among the most emblematic buildings of this town you will find the Castle of Trujillo, the San Martin Church, the Door of Santiago, the walls of Trujillo and more.

The walls of Trujillo surround the historic part of the town, which actually can be accessed through 4 doors that have remained from the past. The door of Santiago, door of San Andrés, door of the Triumph and door of La Coria, are the 4 spots from which you can access the walled area. 

In Trujillo, which has been declared an area of artistic and historical importance, every corner has something historic that speaks for itself. Explore Trujillo, get immersed in history and afterword's, relax and enjoy the Parador de Trujillo, great plan!


 Parador de Trujillo



Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is the center and most important spot of Trujillo and is also where the tourism office is located, so start the tour around the town here, with a map and all the information you need. This beautiful square with medieval essence will get you immersed in the history and essence of Trujillo before you star exploring the rest of the town.

Also, this is the place where you will find many important monuments such as the San Martín Church, the Equestrian Statue of Francisco Pizarro, the Palace of the Dukes of San Carlos and more. Besides a starting point, this square is also a great spot to sit and rest while tasting some tapas and having a refreshing drink.

  • The Church of Santa María la Mayor is one of the most stunning religious monuments of Trujillo. Located right in the Plaza Mayor of the town, this church is a must-visit. It was built in the XIII century and today it still presents elements from the Romanesque and the gothic art styles. The price to get in is 1.40 euros* and its open almost all year long.


  • Also located in the Plaza Mayor of Trujillo stands the Equestrian Statue of Francisco Pizarro, a historic character born in Trujillo and hero of the discovering of Peru. This statue in which Francisco Pizarro appears as a true hero on a horse and with an iron armor, dominates the square. Other two statues like this one are located in Lima, capital of Peru, and Buffalo, USA.


Parador de Trujillo



Castle of Trujillo

After the Plaza Mayor, head to the Castle of Trujillo through stoned streets and antique houses. Once you get there, take a moment to admire the beautiful views of the town from this high point, such a privileged spot. This castle, known as the old Alcazaba of Trujillo was built between the IX and the XII centuries and its well preserved to the date, so it´s great to admire it from the outside and explore the insides. Don´t miss to see the Castle from the outside at night, it´s all lighten up and looks beautiful.


Door of Santiago

One of the doors to enter through the walls of Trujillo that it's perfectly preserved is the door of Santiago, located right next to the Church of Santiago.  The main function of this door was to protect the town and now is an important an emblematic monument of Trujillo, where you can admire the shield of the Catholic Kings and the Altamiranos. Entering Trujillo through the door of Santiago is the big entrance you deserve!


 Parador de Trujillo


So are you convinced to visit historic Trujillo? All the things you can see here will expand your knowledge and your culture about Spain. Besides, the Parador de Trujillo waits for you to have a great time and enjoy the pool, the terrace and the elegant rooms. History and peace, all in Trujillo!

 (*) Prices may vary 


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