Exploring Toro from the Parador de Zamora
19 de August 2016

You probably haven´t heard about Toro, but it´s time for you to know about this town in the province of Zamora in Castile and Leon. Lively and pretty, that´s Toro, a medieval town with nature, water and so much history that you will feel like taken back in time. From the Parador de Zamora you will be able to get to Toro by taking a drive of approximately 30 minutes through the A-11, which means that staying at the Parador de Zamora is a great option to explore Zamora and to take a daytrip to Toro, which you won´t regret visiting.


Parador de Zamora


History and monuments

The rich historic heritage of Toro can be appreciated in each and every one of the monuments in the old quarter. With many historic and religious buildings, there are a few sights that you cannot miss to visit.

  • Let´s start the route around Toro with the Colegiata de Santa María, which is the most emblematic building in the town. It was built between the XII and the XIII centuries and it has been declared National Monument. This beautiful Church has elements from the Romanesque and Gothic art styles and it should definitely be admired from the outside and inside. It can be visited every day of the week except for Mondays and the general entrance costs 4€ *.


  • The Mirador del Duero is located right in front of the Colegiata de Santa María. This is the ideal spot to disconnect and spend some time admiring the beautiful nature surrounding Toro and the Duro River. Also, if you can, come to this spot and be amazed by the beautiful sunset. Also, take a walk through the Paseo del Espolón, another spot of Toro to admire amazing views.


  • Constructed on top of the Door of the Market which is one of the entrance to the walled area of Toro, stands the Tower of the Clock, an emblematic monument of Toro that you can see from almost every point of the city.


  • The Alcazar of Toro is located very near to the Colegiata de Santa María and is another emblematic building that has to be visited. This Alcazar was the royal residence of the Catholic Kings and also house of many important historic events. 


Parador de Zamora 


Wine with designation of origin

Many wineries in this region have the designation of origin of Toro, therefore you cannot live Toro without doing a route on a wine yard and a wine tasting of the amazing wines that are produced there. Whether you prefer red, pink or white, all types of wine are produced in Toro so you can choose the one you enjoy the most.


Parador de Zamora 



Both in Zamora and Toro you will be able to taste the exquisite Castilian gastronomy, which includes cheeses, roasted meats like lamb and pig and of course a large variety of wines. In Toro, taste the tapas in the bars around the Plaza Mayor and indulge into the exquisite croquettes, meats and sausages. Also, don´t miss to try the delicious typical food of the restaurant at the Parador de Zamora.


Parador de Zamora 


What do you think about getting to know Toro? You won´t regret visiting this charming and historic town near the Parador de Zamora. And also don´t miss the opportunity to visit other interesting areas nearby such as La Hiniesta and Campillo


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