Excuse me, could I have a café con leche?
18 de September 2015


A dark brown beverage made out of grounded roasted coffee beans which comes out of a Coffee plant. It contains caffeine, so it is considered a stimulant drink. This beverage is one of the most common ones all over the world. It is also a drink that can be found at all of our Paradores, and our hosts usually take it for breakfast. What drink are we talking about? 

Of course the answer is "Coffee", or "Café", which is the way it is called in Spanish. In Spain, people usually drink coffee for breakfast, after lunch or in the afternoon. They also drink it while having a relaxing talk or while socializing. Even if it is a drink spread in the world, depending on where you go it has a price and a name. From Paradores, we will tell you about it.

There is not just one way of drinking coffee as it can be taken in many different ways. This is your "Coffee Guide" for a "coffee time" in Spain:

-         Café con leche (Milk coffee): It is probably the most common way of drinking coffee, and especially for breakfast time. Depending on how much you enjoy the taste of coffee, you would have more coffee or more milk on it. So what about having breakfast with a relaxing cup of café con leche at Parador de Ribadeo? It has a wonderful terrace-cafeteria with unique views of the Cantabrian landscape. Doesn't it sound good?

-         Café sólo (Black coffee): This is the authentic way of drinking a coffe. It is what Italians would call an espresso, and people who really enjoy the taste of coffee will drink it. If you are you a coffee lover, you should try a café solo at our Parador de Soria, enjoying the awesome views of the forests and the Duero River after a traditional Castilian lunch.

-         Café con hielo (Iced Coffee): People usually drink it in summertime. It is the uncommon way of drinking coffee but it is quiet refreshing during hot weather periods. Some people drink Iced coffe, just coffe and ice, but some others will also drink iced milk coffe. Which one is your style? Having one of those at Parador de Javea would be a great choice. Mediterranean air with warm weather combined with iced coffee in a green garden next to the sea at Parador de Javea is just.... Perfect?

-         Café cortado (Coffee with a drop of milk): This is quite Spanish styled coffe. It consists on having a little cup of coffee with just a drop of milk. It would be in between a milk coffee and a black coffee. Where can you have one café cortado? At every of our Paradores. We suggest you to enjoy one café cortado at Parador de Toledo because of its comfortable and big terrace that allows you to see the whole beautiful skyline of the historical city. Spanish coffee with Spanish views.

-         Carajillo (Brandy or Whiskey or Anisette and coffee): This is the drink for the strongest ones. In the past, men used to drink it so as to get courage (which in Spanish is coraje, the word that makes the name of it carajillo). Do you dare to try it?

But, what about how much does a coffee cost in Spain? The average price in Spain for a coffee is around 1'50€. The differences between the varieties of coffees increase or decrease its price. For example, a café solo will usually be cheaper than a café con leche or a carajillo, but it is just some cents of difference. Also, depending on the place you are you will pay more or less.

Who is in for a cup of coffee at Paradores?