Discover San Lorenzo del Escorial
31 de December 2015


The municipality of San Lorenzo del Escorial is one of the most beautiful and emblematic ones in the area of ??the Sierra de Guadarrama. It is a place of great charm, where you can go to visit it on a day trip if you are staying at the Parador de Ávila or in the Parador de La Granja. Let's find it out!

San Lorenzo del Escorial can be proud of being a place with lots of charm and grandeur placed in an area where nature surrounds everything and adds even more beauty to the location. The town itself was growing in population and volume due to the old Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial.

Gradually, as time passed by and the XX century and the XXI century came, San Lorenzo del Escorial grew into an urban area with a lot of charm by its natural surroundings and the historical past inherited.

The Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial is considered a wonder that King Philip II ordered to build in 1563 but until 20 years later did not see the final result. The building is characterized by its magnificence, elegance and beauty and it is considered one of the most characteristic monuments of Spain and its History.

It was declared a Historic - Artistic Site and has a decoration in which some recognized artist as El Greco, Velázquez Bosco meet. The entire complex includes not only the monastery itself, but also part of La Casa de los Infantes, House of the Queen and the Royal Colosseum of Carlos III among others. Visiting it is an experience that you must not miss. You will love it so much, you will want to return.

You can visit this enchanting place if you are at Parador de Ávila , which is around 60 kilometres far. The Parador de Ávila is located right in the city walls of Ávila, and has the best facilities and perfect installations.

Parador de Ávila

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You can also organize the visit if you are staying at Parador de La Granja which is the same distance far. This Parador is one of the most luxurious ones of all the hotel chain and one of the most charming ones among its guests.

Parador de La Granja

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It does not matter which Parador you're in. Do not hesitate to visit San Lorenzo del Escorial, one of the most emblematic places all Spanish history. 

How to get to San Lorenzo del Escorial from Parador de Ávila:

  • By car: Take CL-505 and M-505 roads for 60 kilometres and you will get to San Loranzo del Escorial.


  • By bus: You can take the regional train 17152 to Madrid-Chamartín and get off after 7 stops in San Lorenzo del Escorial


How to get to San Lorenzo del Escorial from Parador de la Granja:

  • By car: Take AP-61 and AP-6 motorways to Madrid for around 50 kilometres. Take the exit 47 of the AP-6 motorway and keep on driving on the M-600 road for another 10 kilometres until you get to San Lorenzo del Escorial.