Discover the Dolmens of Antequera right next to one stunning Parador
04 de August 2016

Do you like architecture and history? Do you want to get to know the origins of it? Then you cannot miss a visit to the archaeological complex of the Dolmens of Antequera, built many years ago and declared a World Heritage site on 2016. This incredible place is located only 3km away from the beautiful and modern Parador de Antequera and is definitely a must visit stop in Antequera. 


Parador de Antequera


The complex is also referred to as the megalithic necropolis of Antequera. The dolmens are built with big rocks that form a type of room with ceiling and walls.  There are 3 dolmens in the archaeological complex of the dolmens of Antequera, the Dolmen of Menga, the Dolmen of Viera and the Dolmen of El Romeral.

  • The Dolmen of Menga is the oldest and probably most important one. Is oriented towards the Peña de los Enamorados, a mountain with the shape of the face of a woman.


  • The Dolmen of Viera is oriented towards the sunrise and is located in the first enclosure right next to the Dolmen of El Romeral, in the Campo de los Túmulos.


The first stop when visiting this historic wonder is the Center of Reception of the complex, where you can get information and get to know the history and construction of the dolmens before starting the tour. Also, check if there are any exhibitions or activities available in the dolmens while you are there.


Parador de Antequera


Besides the dolmens itself, the landscape where they are located is truly beautiful. Taking a walk through the sierra of El Torcal, and the natural landscape of the Peña de los Enamorados, admiring the views from the viewpoint of El Caminante, walking around the Solar Center of Michael Hoskin and more are some of the other spots to visit in this archaeological complex.

The entrance to this historic wonder is free and the timetable depends on the time of the year. This monument opens every day except for Mondays and holidays in Spain. For more information about the schedule and the services you can visit their website:


 Parador de Antequera


What do you think about this plan? Besides, from the Parador de Antequera you can also visit many other monuments and sights such as the Alcazaba, the Arch of the Gigants, The Square of San Sebastian, Door of Spain, the bullring, the Colegiata de San Sebastián and much more.

Are you ready to explore Antequera, the dolmens and take a journey to the past? Then don´t wait any longer, book now at the Parador de Antequera and prepare to be amazed and have an unforgettable holiday.


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